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What Are You Really Saying? Unlocking the Secrets of Good Communication

“You cannot not communicate."(Paul Watzlawick) Communication is everywhere and makes our interactions possible. But communication is not just a simple tool for giving objective information. We’re constantly giving signals in our communications and creating an atmosphere for personal relationships. We communicate inner feelings and expectations along with information. How you talk to someone makes a world of difference. Communication can make relationships stronger. Good communication is a powerful tool for your personal...

TCM Myths, Busted!

What is the Basis of TCM? The goal of TCM is to reestablish the flow of Qi, the vital energy or life force of a person. Qi maintains balance in the body and keeps the organs functioning. If the Qi is deficient or blocked, it can lead to a variety of physical and mental ailments, from migraines and insomnia to muscle stiffness and indigestion. A person’s Qi can be affected by external...