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Body & Soul Holds TCM Workshop for Mandarin Inn

Body & Soul Holds TCM Workshop for Mandarin Inn

On Sunday, December 13th, Dr. Zheng Shu Hua from Body & Soul Medical Clinics led a workshop entitled “Following the Route of Traditional Chinese Medicine” at Mandarin Inn. Mandarin Inn is a Chinese School located in a 100-year-old historical building in Shanghai. Twelve people attended to discover more about TCM, from its roots to what it has to offer for health and wellbeing in the modern world.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Background

With origins tracing back more than 5000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine is increasing in popularity all around the globe. TCM is a system of diagnosis and treatment techniques, which has evolved and developed over the last 3000+ years. Today, TCM is practiced in China and all over the world and integrates modern medical diagnostic techniques.

However, the diagnostic process and philosophy behind TCM are quite different than Western medicine. The TCM physician must identify meaningful connections from many processes occurring in the human body in order to come to a successful diagnosis. A TCM doctor does not focus solely on symptoms and one specific area of the body. Everything is viewed holistically, within the body and with the outside environment.

The TCM diagnostic process consists of four examinations:

  1. To watch
  2. To ask
  3. To hear and smell
  4. To feel

Tongue diagnosis is one of the primary diagnostic techniques in Chinese Medicine. Different areas on the tongue’s “map” refer to various internal organs. Feeling the pulse is another key diagnostic method. There are 29 pulse qualities, which can be read in three different places and in three different depths on each hand joint.

“Following the Route of Traditional Chinese Medicine” Workshop

This workshop took attendees on the route of a different approach to health and living. Dr. Zheng explained the basic philosophies of TCM, the history of the medical system, the diagnoses, and the diverse therapy methods. Students got inspired by a different perspective of how the body works and interrelates with its environment. They learned how to implement TCM practices into daily life for better health.

Some students shared their own experiences and how TCM has helped them with various ailments. One of them had the experience of learning about TCM and was interested in exploring it more in-depth.

Students had the opportunity to participate in practicing the TCM diagnostic techniques of checking the tongue and pulse. Students were able to use tongue diagnosis to find differences by observing the shape and color of the tongue. On the other hand, pulse diagnosis is quite difficult for people who have never studied Chinese medicine.  Dr. Zheng explained that even TCM doctors take a long time to practice and hone this technique.

At the end of the talk, Dr. Zheng introduced how to identify three acupressure points Zhongwan(中脘,RN12), Taichong(太冲,LR3), Zusanli(足三里, ST36) that can prevent and improve common symptoms such as stomach pain, diarrhea, digestive problem, dizziness, headache, and insomnia.

Students reflected that this was a wonderful opportunity to broaden their understanding of such an important aspect of Chinese culture, while also discovering ways this ancient knowledge might help them personally.

If you’d like to learn more about TCM workshops or activities for your group or business, contact Body & Soul Medical Clinic. Body & Soul practitioners can provide customized holistic health activities, lectures, and workshops such as “Following the Route of TCM”, “Healthy Eating the TCM Way” and so on.

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