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Enhancing Women’s Health with Traditional Chinese Medicine

The United Nations has been celebrating International Women's Day on March 8 every year since 1975, and it is important to pay attention to women's health on this special day. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, men and women have basically the same pattern of activity in the internal organs, meridians, Qi and Blood of the human body. However, women have very special physiological differences. Women go through different stages in their lives, and...

TCM Tips For A Joyful Summer

Joy, as an emotional state, is seen as a manifestation of the Heart's Qi or energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). From a TCM perspective, joy is not just happiness, but a feeling of deep satisfaction that comes from living a meaningful life. When we experience joy, ___: o the heart's Qi expands. o we feel light, open, and connected. o it helps to regulate the heart's rhythm. o our blood circulation improves. o it supports the...

Anger + Liver = ?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi (vital energy) throughout the body. When the liver is functioning properly, the Qi flows freely, and the body is healthy. In TCM, the liver is believed to be most active during the spring season. This is because the liver is associated with the Wood element, which is also associated with growth and expansion –...

Meet the Therapist: Jack Hou, Senior Psychology Counselor

Body & Soul Medical Clinic cooperated with Hanlin Psychological Consultancy. We are honored to have Jack Hou (the CEO and Co-Founder of Hanlin) join our professional community and clinic as a psychological counselor to further help people in need. 1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself… I am Jack HOU. I am currently a Senior Certified Counselor & Family Education Coach. I am also the National Professional Talent Certification Management Center's...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Dear Body & Soul customers, 尊敬的身佳中医门诊部用户, The whole Body & Soul Team wishes you a Happy Rabbit Year! 身佳团队祝您兔年快乐! The clinics will be closed from Saturday, January 21 to Wednesday, January 25, and resume regular opening hours on Thursday, January 26, 2023. 门诊部将于2023年1月21日(星期六)至1月25日(星期三)放假,于2023年1月26日(星期四)恢复正常工作。 For any questions, please leave a message with your contact information such as telephone number or e-mail, and we will contact you as soon as possible. 如需预约,可以给我们留言并留下联系方式如电话或者邮箱,我们会尽快联系您,谢谢! ...

Exercising after Covid-19

Recently, the hottest topic of discussion is recovery from Covid-19. For fans of the gym, you probably hope to resume the training routine, but still feel fatigued and worried about being uncomfortable during the training. Today we will talk about how to safely resume exercise to avoid starting over-exercise. We are here to support you. Should I exercise after recovering or not? Yes. It is helpful to start exercising appropriately during the recovery period...

Tips to Protect Your Health This Winter

The new policy of Covid-19 has been announced. After 3 years of restrictions in Shanghai, it is mixed blessing. With the easing of restrictions, many people are feeling anxious and stressed at work and in their lives due to the rapidly spreading Omicron strain. However, with proper awareness and prevention, you can help to stay healthy this winter. We hope these helpful tips will work for you. Tips 1. Wearing a mask...

Worry-Free Medical Consultation

According to the city's control office, and the updated COVID-19 prevention announcement they made on Monday, December 12, most public areas will no longer be required to present health codes or scan venue codes, except for special places which include elderly institutions, welfare facilities, medical institutions, and schools. With this in mind, and as Body & Soul Medical Clinics is a Traditional Chinese Medical Outpatient Clinic, here are our updated...

Important Notice & Good News

​Three good news from us at Body & Soul Medical Clinic! Thank you for choosing Body & Soul Medical Clinic as your care provider.We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Marla will be extending the October Promotion for an additional week. Get hold of your spot for the Buy One Get One (BOGO) Acupuncture treatment at our Minhang Clinic between the 1st - 6th of November.On top of this, the Minhang clinic will be...

The Main Cause of Most Children’s Disease

Causes of disease in Children are similar to that in adults. They can be differentiated into internal and external factors, together with miscellaneous factors like diet and lifestyle. Internal causes refer to the seven emotions. External causes refer to the six environmental or climatic factors. In children under six years of age, diet is the leading cause of the commonly encountered pediatric complaints with internal and/or external causes aggravating the ill...