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Meet the Therapist: Dr. Robin Wang, Physiotherapist

Meet the Therapist: Dr. Robin Wang, Physiotherapist

Dr. Robin Wang specializes in pain management and sports injury. He works at the Hongmei Road Clinic, helping patients in both Chinese and English. Some conditions Dr. Wang treats include neck and lower back pain, sciatica, spinal disc herniation, shoulder impingement syndrome, tennis elbow, ACL injury, and plantar fasciitis.

Q: What interested you about working in the field of physiotherapy?

A: Physical therapy can help many people with injuries and pain to relieve their symptoms and speed up their physical recovery to get back to their life and sports. This makes me feel that this job is valuable.

Q: Tell us more about your background and experience. What are some of your specializations?

A: I received my master’s degree in kinesiology from the University of Wisconsin and received my bachelor’s degree in sports rehabilitation/physical therapy from Shanghai University of Sport. I specialize in the areas of orthopedics therapy and sports rehabilitation, including but not limited, post-surgery rehabilitation, sports injury therapy, and chronic pain therapy.

Q: What are some of the most common causes of chronic pain you see and how are you able to help patients suffering from chronic pain?

A: A lot of pain is caused by a loss of balance. Simply speaking, the muscle or joint is out of balance, leading to extra tension and spasms on one side, which can lead to pain, inflammation and even injury. The best approach is to restore balance to these unbalanced soft tissue and body structures. We do this through a variety of methods, depending on the nature of the problem and underlying condition.

Q: Can you share three tips all patients should consider to prevent sports injuries and keep their bodies healthy?

1) At work, don’t stay in one position for too long and move your joints and muscles often.
2) Warm-up before exercise and stretch to relax after exercise.
3) Everyone has their own physical limitations. Do not do overload or push yourself to the point of pain. Not everyone’s physical fitness is at the same level as an elite athlete.

Dr. Robin Wang provides physical therapy, sports rehabilitation and training at the Body and Soul Medical Clinic – Hongmei Road (Minhang) clinic. Click here to make an appointment with him.

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