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Author: Zheng Shu Hua

Kid’s Diarrhea in Summer

During summer in Shanghai, the weather is hot and humid. Many mothers are noticing changes in the color, shape, and frequency of their kids' stools. These stools are thin and watery, with an increased frequency. How does TCM understand this and what methods can help kids? Why Are Kids More Prone to Diarrhea in Summer? Pathogeny: Improper feeding: such as excessive consumption of raw, cold, sweet, and greasy foods, and excessive lactation. ...

How TCM can help with Prevention and Treatment of COVID infection

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history of preventing and treating epidemics. According to ‘the Chronology of Epidemics in Ancient China’, 356 outbreaks of epidemics occurred over the 2585 years from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty in 674 BC to the Qing Dynasty in 1911. At the same time, TCM has amassed comprehensive and valuable clinical experience in the process of overcoming epidemics. Contemporary medicine, science, and technology have made progress with...

Moxibustion – An Ancient TCM External Therapy

Special Moxibustion Promotion in February! Recently, patients with Omicron infection are gradually recovering. In February Body & Soul Medical Clinics has a special treat for all new patients! We offer a 30-minute moxibustion treatment and medical consultation with Dr. Zheng Shu Hua for FREE! Nowadays many foreigners have learned about acupuncture. But… have you heard of moxibustion, yet? Ordinarily, Chinese people are used to calling acupuncture as ZHEN JIU (针灸) in Chinese,...

Cough in Autumn

After autumn, the weather changes from the heat in summer to the cold in the late autumn. The number of patients who come to see a doctor due to cough gradually increases. The main complaint is that the cough gets worse when lying down at night, affecting the rest; during the day, frequent coughing causes people around to be alert and uneasy. Especially now, it is a sensitive period, and...

TCM Intervention of Benign Thyroid Nodules

Many people find that nodules grow on the thyroid after yearly check-up. They will be very nervous and anxious and want to know why they get nodules and how to treat them. In the view of TCM, what are the factors causing thyroid nodules? A)Congenital factors - people with the following constitution are prone to nodules. Qi Stagnation Constitution: Depression, tension, chest fullness, bloating, belching and sighing Qi deficiency constitution: Tired easily, poor appetite,...

TCM Prevention and Treatment of Gastropathy

Shanghai is experiencing a special and difficult time. Even so, we can still see that people have been creative with their supplies and cooked exquisite food and happily shared it on WeChat moments. However, some people can't enjoy delicious food because of gastrointestinal symptoms. What are the reasons for such digestive problems? Does TCM have methods to prevent and treat them? Factors causing digestive discomfort Improper diet: Overeating or not having...

Treatment of Gout with TCM

During my yearly health check-up, I found that blood uric acid is increased, but there were no symptoms. Is it gout? No. When fasting blood uric acid twice on a different day, male >416.5µmol/L, female >357µmol/L, without arthritis, gout stone, uric acid stone etc., it is called asymptomatic hyperuricemia. Hyperuricemia with arthritis is gout. What is gout? Gout is a metabolic disease. Due to the disorder of the purine metabolism in the body,...

Natural Treatment Options for High Blood Pressure

More and more people suffer from hypertension, with a trend of people getting it at a younger age. Many people think that because they are young and have no family history, they are safe from this condition. However, during their yearly health check-up, they suddenly find out that their blood pressure has increased. An occasional rise in blood pressure may not be a concern. Sometimes it is caused by the...

Introduction to Dr. Zheng Shu Hua, TCM Doctor and Immune Specialist

Dr. Zheng Shu Hua graduated from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1986. She worked at the Shanghai Hospital of TCM and as a guest doctor at the Diakoniessen Hospital of Austria. Immunology expert Dr. Shen Pi An, who is one of the most famous and senior Shanghai TCM doctors, served as her mentor. Dr. Zheng has been involved in a municipal research project on systemic lupus erythematosus...

Prone to Winter Illness? Why You Should Seek Preventative Treatment Now

Q: What does it mean to treat winter diseases in summer? A: The treatment of winter disease in summer refers to the treatment of diseases that commonly occur or are easily aggravated in a cold winter climate, such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, chronic diarrhea, etc. The purpose is to prevent the recurrence and aggravation of the disease in the coming winter and promote early recovery. More than two thousand years ago,...