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Happy Chinese New Year!

Dear Body & Soul customers, 尊敬的身佳中医门诊部用户, The whole Body & Soul Team wishes you a Happy Rabbit Year! 身佳团队祝您兔年快乐! The clinics will be closed from Saturday, January 21 to Wednesday, January 25, and resume regular opening hours on Thursday, January 26, 2023. 门诊部将于2023年1月21日(星期六)至1月25日(星期三)放假,于2023年1月26日(星期四)恢复正常工作。 For any questions, please leave a message with your contact information such as telephone number or e-mail, and we will contact you as soon as possible. 如需预约,可以给我们留言并留下联系方式如电话或者邮箱,我们会尽快联系您,谢谢! ...

Exercising after Covid-19

Recently, the hottest topic of discussion is recovery from Covid-19. For fans of the gym, you probably hope to resume the training routine, but still feel fatigued and worried about being uncomfortable during the training. Today we will talk about how to safely resume exercise to avoid starting over-exercise. We are here to support you. Should I exercise after recovering or not? Yes. It is helpful to start exercising appropriately during the recovery period...

Important Notice & Good News

​Three good news from us at Body & Soul Medical Clinic! Thank you for choosing Body & Soul Medical Clinic as your care provider.We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Marla will be extending the October Promotion for an additional week. Get hold of your spot for the Buy One Get One (BOGO) Acupuncture treatment at our Minhang Clinic between the 1st - 6th of November.On top of this, the Minhang clinic will be...

Meet the Therapist: Wendy Zhao, PhD, Psychologist and Coach (Part 2)

Wendy Zhao, PhD You can read Part 1 of our introduction to Dr. Wendy Zhao here. Today, Wendy will share more about the various patients she helps, her techniques and services. Specialties Dr. Wendy’s specialties are workplace pressure, interpersonal relationships, low self-esteem, anxiety, and cross-cultural adjustments. Furthermore, she aims to address entrenched patterns of behavior, experiences of meaninglessness and emptiness, spiritual questioning, midlife and later adult life transition. Who She Helps Wendy works with business professionals...

Meet the Therapist: Wendy Zhao, PhD, Psychologist and Coach (Part 1)

Wendy Zhao is a psychologist and executive coach. She works in the areas of business, psychology, and family matters. She focuses on helping clients through crisis and transformation, dealing with anxiety and stress related difficulties, and promoting clients’ personal growth and leadership development. Dr. Zhao offers treatment for both adults and children (ages 6-12). Dr. Zhao’s Background As a "Third Culture Kid "herself, spending teen years in the US after a childhood...

Meet the Therapist: Dr. Robin Wang, Physiotherapist

Dr. Robin Wang specializes in pain management and sports injury. He works at the Hongmei Road Clinic, helping patients in both Chinese and English. Some conditions Dr. Wang treats include neck and lower back pain, sciatica, spinal disc herniation, shoulder impingement syndrome, tennis elbow, ACL injury, and plantar fasciitis. Q: What interested you about working in the field of physiotherapy? A: Physical therapy can help many people with injuries and pain to relieve...

Body & Soul Holds TCM Workshop for Mandarin Inn

On Sunday, December 13th, Dr. Zheng Shu Hua from Body & Soul Medical Clinics led a workshop entitled “Following the Route of Traditional Chinese Medicine” at Mandarin Inn. Mandarin Inn is a Chinese School located in a 100-year-old historical building in Shanghai. Twelve people attended to discover more about TCM, from its roots to what it has to offer for health and wellbeing in the modern world. Traditional Chinese Medicine: Background With...

Can Sitting Do Your Brain Good?

This is part of our “In Medical News” series where Dr. Sara Laudani shares a study or article in recent news and offers some analysis and tips about the news, to help patients stay informed.   “Sitting may not always be bad for the brain and, in fact, may benefit cognition,” shares an October 2020 Medscape article citing new research.   This may sound contradictory to what we usually think about physical and brain...

Body & Soul’s St. Martin’s Day Traditions

Each year, Body & Soul-Medical Clinics celebrate St. Martin’s Day (November 11th). Known as a friend of children and patron of the poor, Saint Martin represents social justice. Following his example, Body & Soul donates to the Bloodline and More Than Aware events each year to give back to the Shanghai community.The Bloodline blood donation event will be held on October 31st. For more information or to participate, check them...

Need More Motivation to Exercise? Reduce Your Cancer Risk

This article is part of our “In Medical News” series where Dr. Sara Laudani shares a recent study or article and offers some analysis and tips about the news, to help patients stay informed. It’s the time of year when a lot of people try to kick their exercise routine into gear. You already know it is good for you, but now there’s even more evidence in favor of exercise. A...