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TCM Tips For A Joyful Summer

Joy, as an emotional state, is seen as a manifestation of the Heart's Qi or energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). From a TCM perspective, joy is not just happiness, but a feeling of deep satisfaction that comes from living a meaningful life. When we experience joy, ___: o the heart's Qi expands. o we feel light, open, and connected. o it helps to regulate the heart's rhythm. o our blood circulation improves. o it supports the...

Kid’s Diarrhea in Summer

During summer in Shanghai, the weather is hot and humid. Many mothers are noticing changes in the color, shape, and frequency of their kids' stools. These stools are thin and watery, with an increased frequency. How does TCM understand this and what methods can help kids? Why Are Kids More Prone to Diarrhea in Summer? Pathogeny: Improper feeding: such as excessive consumption of raw, cold, sweet, and greasy foods, and excessive lactation. ...

Chiropractic Treatment: A Solution to Neck Problems

Have you ever experienced neck pain or discomfort? There’s been a tremendous increase in these issues over the past two decades. Ideally, the spine forms a healthy cervical curve in the neck. However, we’re beginning to see a straightened neck or a forward-curved spine in the neck. Much of this comes from our daily patterns, such as bending forward to look at phones and computers. As people are using their phones...

Real Self-Care for Mother’s Day: Setting Boundaries

  Dear Mothers, As Mother's Day approaches, you will probably receive lots of kind messages and gifts.  It may seem as if this is the only day you are seen and validated. Strong family bonds usually are a good sign. However, when they are "too close for comfort”, you often get tangled up in enmeshment in which your identity becomes wrapped up in meeting others' needs. Your life goals are thwarted, which...

Stop Rusting In The Office

It’s been 3 months already since the official end of the home office, online school and distance learning! How is your body feeling now? Last month, we started to hear more and more of our clients complaining about upcoming back pain again, and some patient groups are starting to suffer from foot pain again. Office workers feel their whole body tense up again after work, etc. Here are some self-checks...

Imposter Phenomenon:Facing Fears of Inadequacy and Self-Doubt Part II

Last time we introduced, impostor syndrome, today let's talk about the cause, conquering impostor feelings and how we deal with it. Causes The initial causes of IP often come at a young age. And it often has to do with relationships with primary caregivers and important adults in our lives. A parenting style that is highly achievement-oriented and highly critical. This pattern is a setup for being high-achieving and driven but also...

Meet the Therapist: Jack Hou, Senior Psychology Counselor

Body & Soul Medical Clinic cooperated with Hanlin Psychological Consultancy. We are honored to have Jack Hou (the CEO and Co-Founder of Hanlin) join our professional community and clinic as a psychological counselor to further help people in need. 1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself… I am Jack HOU. I am currently a Senior Certified Counselor & Family Education Coach. I am also the National Professional Talent Certification Management Center's...

Breath Exercise 呼吸训练

During these 3 weeks, more patients recovered from Covid-19, but some of them are still complaining about coughing and shortness of breath.最近我们接触到许多“阳康”患者,他们依然会有咳嗽,呼吸急促,气短等问题。Our physiotherapist recommends they do breathing exercises and progressive full-body activities. 对于其中大部分人,我们的物理治疗师会建议采取一些呼吸训练和循序渐进的全身练习。 Scientists found these exercises helpful for patients who are recovering from Covid-19. 研究表明这些练习可以帮助他们恢复到更好的状态。 Let‘s start with the breathing exercises, shall we? 让我们一起来从呼吸练习开始吧~ Breath Exercise - Basic [playlist type="video" ids="9603"] Breath Exercise - Intermediate [playlist type="video" ids="9605"] Breath Exercise - Advance [playlist type="video" ids="9607"] ...

Dealing with Covid in the Long Haul

What an experience as we rounded up 2022 and welcome 2023 with the easing of pandemic regulations, open borders without quarantine, ongoing covid infections, and continual necessary preventive covid care! In the past 4 weeks, many of us have been infected with Covid-19 and are on the road to recovery. Those who had COVID-19 might have sustained post-infection symptoms known by a variety of names, including “long COVID” or “long-haul COVID.” The...

Tips to Protect Your Health This Winter

The new policy of Covid-19 has been announced. After 3 years of restrictions in Shanghai, it is mixed blessing. With the easing of restrictions, many people are feeling anxious and stressed at work and in their lives due to the rapidly spreading Omicron strain. However, with proper awareness and prevention, you can help to stay healthy this winter. We hope these helpful tips will work for you. Tips 1. Wearing a mask...