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Pregnancy Pain Relief

Pregnancy Pain Relief

In the third trimester, many women experience discomfort due to the body’s changes. The belly becomes large and puts pressure on the pelvic floor. The hormones are preparing the body for childbirth by relaxing the ligaments, fascia, and muscles. Unfortunately, that same natural process weakens core muscles and changes the dynamics of the body. The lower back compensates with higher tension as the center of gravity shifts forward. Additionally, carrying extra weight around means more work for muscles and stress on joints.

During this time, pregnant women may experience low back pain (posterior pelvic pain and lumbar pain), problems in the sacroiliac joint, and pain radiating down the leg. Though the majority of pregnant women experience some lower back pain, there are things you can do to reduce pain without painkillers. Even if the pain isn’t severe, intervention can reduce problems during delivery and keep you comfortable.


Ob/gyns often refer pregnant women facing these issues for physiotherapy. We work on mobilization and relaxing the tense muscles of the lower back and related areas. Mild exercises, appropriate for pregnant women, help build some core strength for better balance. The pelvic floor becomes stronger.

The woman quickly feels some release. It may only be incremental change, but we try to improve the issues as much as possible. This treatment makes an immediate difference, but can also improve the delivery experience and recuperation.

You can also take some steps during pregnancy to minimize pain:

Stay as active as possible, within your doctor’s recommendations. Try a 20-minute walk each day. Just simple daily activities or mild exercise will keep your muscles stronger.

Check out some pregnancy-specific exercise classes. Yoga and stretching are great for balance and staying flexible. Ask your midwife or friends for recommendations. Skilled instructors know how to modify exercises to keep you safe and healthy. These classes can counteract some of the challenges your body faces, now and during delivery.

If you start to feel pain, ask your doctor for a referral to physiotherapy. You can feel better without pain medicine. And, it will equip you with some easy exercises to do at home to minimize pain and maximize your preparation for motherhood.

Sarah is a physiotherapist treating all sorts of pains and providing conservative treatments – especially for low back pain. With her broad education in manual therapy, she treats disorders of the musculoskeletal system using a vast array of therapies. Click here to schedule an appointment with her.

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