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Reduced Stress and Pain: The Experience of Lama Fera Healing

Reduced Stress and Pain: The Experience of Lama Fera Healing

Lama fera is a powerful energy healing technique that has been used by Buddhist monks in the Himalayas for centuries. I recently had the chance to experience its benefits. Lama fera is known for removing negative energies to produce physical and emotional healing. The technique is based on the Buddha’s teachings, but the session itself is not religious/does not require you to be Buddhist.

Gabriel Salazar conducts the sessions. He was trained by monks in Nepal. Gabriel also conducts reiki and sound healing sessions, and often combines techniques. Gabriel’s unique blend of healing therapies can be customized to the patient. During our session, he used moxibustion, reiki, and lama fera.

Gabriel described what the session would entail. It was comforting knowing what to expect. For lama fera, the client lies on the floor with a sheet covering him/her. The healer wears a Buddhist robe. Gabriel put down a yoga mat and pillow for me. He created a serene, warm environment.

Gabriel began using the moxa to get my Qi flowing. I felt a warm sensation on my abdomen. He used the moxa on different points such as the palms of the hands and feet. Gabriel then led me in a guided meditation, which helped me relax and be open to the healing. Sacred music played in the background.

As Gabriel went through the lama fera process, I felt my tension ease. At one point, as he laid his hands on my head and heart I felt sorrow welling up. I could even feel tears in my eyes and then I started to feel those emotions release. The experience was very powerful. As the ceremony progressed, I felt more peaceful. As he guided me out of the meditation, I had a calm sensation.

The session took place when I was between two busy trips and anxious about everything I needed to do. Afterwards, I felt much more balanced. At work that afternoon, I didn’t feel so rushed and overwhelmed. Another interesting effect that I can only attribute to the session was that I had no cramps with my menstrual period that week. Perhaps it was the work on my Qi and the warmth of the moxa on my abdomen. Or perhaps my body was simply more relaxed. But, it was the first time that I can remember feeling virtually no pain.

Gabriel explained that lama fera is especially powerful for emotional release and tapping into your body’s healing process. This can be ideal if you’re dealing with chronic illness or any type of stress. Lama fera also builds a great foundation for meditating, especially when starting out.

Usually lama fera takes about 20 minutes, but since Gabriel combines healing techniques the session can last from 30-50 minutes. I’ve had reiki by itself before and this felt much more powerful to me. I find it most helpful that Gabriel can combine techniques to fit the client’s needs.

If you suffer from stress or chronic illnesses,  and would like to try an alternative treatment, click here to make a Lama Fera consultation appointment with Gabriel Salazar. Gabriel is an alternative healer specialized in energy cleansing, chakra harmonization and sound healing amongst others.

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