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Was 2016 a Really Bad Year?

How to Close Out 2016 on a Positive Note

• Be aware of things you’ve learned about yourself. This is an important way to reframe your experiences and use them to continue making positive changes.

• Be grateful for the people who appeared in your life and for those who have left. This last part is especially important in Shanghai where people come and go frequently. It’s easy to dwell on the sadness of everyone leaving rather than being grateful for the chance to meet all these wonderful people. This is why goodbye rituals are important as well.

• Think of the problems or mistakes of the past year as masters who came to give you information about yourself. If you’ve been frustrated or suffered, think about what belief or pattern this helped you discover. What did you (or can you) learn from the experience?

• Other people in our lives often serve as mirrors for what’s going on inside of us. If you find yourself constantly dating the wrong guys, being surrounded by negative friends or having conflicts with family members, take a look inside. Why are these people (or problems) continually appearing in your life?

It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon and write off 2016 as a bum year, but it’s often simply a way to take responsibility off of yourself. Remember you create your own reality. Things can’t change if you don’t make a change. This is the ideal time to reflect back to re-evaluate the year and make positive changes going forward.

Want to work on achieving your goals for 2017? Would you like to examine your relationship patterns and learn to change your thinking and behaviors? To embark on a journey to positive, mindful changes, reply to this message (on Wechat) or click here and make an appointment with Bibiana Rueda-Bueno. Bibiana is a holistic psychologist specialized in the Family Tree therapy who helps patients get rid of their inherited patterns to embrace the person they are from within.

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