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Imposter Phenomenon:Facing Fears of Inadequacy and Self-Doubt Part II

Last time we introduced, impostor syndrome, today let's talk about the cause, conquering impostor feelings and how we deal with it. Causes The initial causes of IP often come at a young age. And it often has to do with relationships with primary caregivers and important adults in our lives. A parenting style that is highly achievement-oriented and highly critical. This pattern is a setup for being high-achieving and driven but also...

Enough as You Are

“Believe in yourself!” We like to think we can accomplish anything if we believe in ourselves. What matters is the proactive mindset. BUT! Somehow deep inside, your gut tells you, Nah. I am not up for the challenges and I am just not good enough. So, what is happening here? Those gut feelings are originated from "low self-esteem." In psychology, self-esteem refers to a person's self-worth. how much a person “values, approves of, appreciates, prizes,...

Sandplay Therapy – Exploring your Inner World with Imagery

An approach to allow Children, Adolescents and Adults to express their inner world. What is Sandplay Theory? It is a psychological method of working with clients on their particular issues in a non-intruded, free and protected space of their own psyche. In such a way, the client has an opportunity to explore and connect with their inner world, to understand the message from the unconscious, so to expand their awareness and...

Rethinking Busyness and Embracing Harmony

It seems so common (myself included) to be overbooked, to be constantly performing and to be in an ongoing state of doing. We live in a society that praises busyness and busy people in general. When did we all get so busy? So very busy. So dreadfully, unhelpfully, exhaustingly busy. When did we all get so busy doing things, with full schedules, booked in advance and very little time to be spontaneous...

Fear Factor – Managing Anxiety

About one in 13 people globally suffer from anxiety (Psychological Medicine, May 2013). It is the most common mental health issue. The expat lifestyle - with its inherent change, uncertainty, and being away from familiar support networks - may in itself cause anxiety and can be especially difficult for those prone to anxiety. Julia Söllner is a German Psychologist and works at Body and Soul Medical Clinic. She assists clients from...

Body & Soul’s St. Martin’s Day Traditions

Each year, Body & Soul-Medical Clinics celebrate St. Martin’s Day (November 11th). Known as a friend of children and patron of the poor, Saint Martin represents social justice. Following his example, Body & Soul donates to the Bloodline and More Than Aware events each year to give back to the Shanghai community.The Bloodline blood donation event will be held on October 31st. For more information or to participate, check them...

Enhancing your mental health!

Today we are entering into the 3rd week after The Coronavirus outbreak happened and with the measures to contain it (some preventive isolation) the concern about our health and the unknown about when it’ll be finished, most of us have experienced uncertainty, anxiety and sometimes fear. Right now more than ever we need to keep in mind that our mental health is very important to cope with the situation and to create a balanced and harmonious reality. I...

Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental health issue worldwide, affecting some 40 million adults in the U.S. alone. Many expats in Shanghai struggle with anxiety. It is perhaps unsurprising given the fast-paced lifestyle, high pressure jobs and other stressors many of us face. However, anxiety is just a symptom. It is the tip of the iceberg, the manifestation of what is going on inside of us. It may show an emotional...

The Science Behind Emotions and Pain

Patients frequently wonder: “Why do I have this pain?” or “Why can’t I heal?” Often, this has to do with the complex interplay of emotions and stress in the body. The Physiological Response to Trauma The body can deal with physical trauma better than non-physical trauma. As a species, our bodies are highly evolved to handle illness and injury. However, when we suppress or deny emotional pain, stress, and other non-physiological trauma...

Common Emotional and Relationship Issues for Today’s Woman

The devaluation of the feminine energy  and our attempts to fit into society’s/other’s view of our roles plays a part in many of the emotional and relationship issues women face today. I work with many clients to better understand how these issues are affecting their lives and to examine how they see themselves and how they can reconnect with their feminine energy. One common example is the successful career woman in...