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Ask the Shanghai Chiropractor: Relieving Aches and Pains

I sometimes get asked about the clicking or popping noises that can accompany the adjustment process. Many joints (synovial joints) are surrounded by synovial fluid, which lubricates the joint to help it function. Small pockets of gas get caught in the joint (often a result of inactivity or too much of one kind of activity), which takes up space and puts pressure on the joint. When the joint is manipulated, the release of this gas (rapid “popping of the bubble”, aka joint cavitation) is what causes the clicking or popping sound.

Who can a Chiropractor help?

In Shanghai, I commonly see patients who work 10 hours/day and often sit in a car for a long commute. So they may be sitting 12 hours or more/day. They get a little exercise and may have a poor diet. They are full of aches and pains. In today’s modern, high-tech world, even those who try to stay healthy with exercise and diet often suffer pain and overuse injuries.

Among my patients in Shanghai, the most common patient complaints are low back pain, neck and shoulder pain. Neck and shoulder problems are on the rise as people spend more time on the computer. In recent years, thumb and hand issues are becoming as prevalent as the smartphones that cause them.

Daily Tips for Wellness

  • Get some exercise every day. A 30-minute walk is enough to help your body recover and keep from getting so stiff.
  • Every 30 minutes, take 30 seconds to get up from your seat. The best thing to do is simply stand, move around a bit and look out a window into the distance. This relaxes the body, gets the blood flowing and also rests the eyes.
  • Try to stretch or move briefly in the opposite direction of your regular position (so, for example, if you are constantly using the computer mouse with your right arm, stretch that arm behind your back or rotate the shoulder).
  • Consider ways to break patterns or minimize overuse (I know patients aren’t likely to give up their phone addictions anytime soon, but becoming aware of your patterns can help you make small changes).

If you’re experiencing any of the problems mentioned, we welcome you at Body & Soul for a consultation to assess your problems and create a plan of treatment. I also create custom orthotics for patients (I measure/fit here and in Shanghai and have them produced at the top quality in Hong Kong, where I also have a practice). When the feet are rolled in or out (over or under pronation), it causes all kinds of issues like bunions, crimping of the toes, thickness of the skin and poor posture, back, knee and hip pain. Parents often notice these issues in their children, especially by the uneven wearing on their shoes.

Herman Szeto

hrough extensive education and 20 years of experience, Herman offers a variety of treatments such as soft tissue manipulation, joint manipulation and postural restructuring to relieve pain and improve the posture.