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Rehabilitation of ankle sprain 踝关节扭伤的康复治疗

Rehabilitation of ankle sprain 踝关节扭伤的康复治疗

Now that we are getting out more, we have more movement-related challenges. Our ankles support us every day.   Here is how to support them when they need it most.

Ankles often sprain, especially for those participating in sports. Ankle sprains are common for many. If not paid attention to, they will cause chronic ankle joint instability, and even damage to the cartilage. Damaged cartilage can lead to increased pain, lack of mobility, and arthritis.

Ankle sprains are often associated with ligament damage, pain and swelling. This is especially true of injuries with the anterior talofibular ligament, which is vulnerable to eversion (ligaments tear on the inside of the foot when the ankle has twisted too far to the outside.)

Body & Soul优秀的康复治疗师帮你快速康复你的脚踝
A sprain is not permanent. The important thing is rehabilitation and treatment.

How to recover sprained ankle correctly

To help you get back to exercising quicker,
Body & Soul’s excellent physical therapist Robin Wang can help.

1. Manual release to relieve the injured ligament site pain 通过手法的松解来缓解损伤韧带部位的疼痛

2. Joint mobilization techniques help in sprained ankle joint recovery 关节松动技术有助于扭伤的踝关节恢复

3. Ankle strength stabilization rehabilitation after the pain is relieved 缓解疼痛后,进行踝关节力量稳定的康复训练

4. Exercises are added to the treatment protocol 在治疗方案中加入练习

5. Wrap an elastic bandage around the ankle 足踝前侧套住弹力带

6. Support the foot and ankle to exert force to the outside 足踝向外侧发力运动

7. Try not to cause pain during all of these steps 尽量不要引起疼痛感
Exercises: Ten repetitions per set. Repeat with 3-5 sets. 十个为一组,重复3-5组

PS: For severe ankle sprain, please come to the Body & Soul Medical Clinic

PS:严重脚踝扭伤,请及时来Body & Soul Medical Clinic就诊