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Blog: “Ergonomics and Back Pain Tips”

Blog: “Ergonomics and Back Pain Tips”

It is common to feel tired and restless after a long day at the office. You might start to experience small pains in your lower back, legs and neck when seated for long periods. You might feel a headache coming on and experience tension in your neck and tired eyes. Your body is signaling that you’ve been sitting too long in one position (or in the incorrect position). Over time, this can add up to muscle imbalance and chronic pain. 80% of the lower back and spine problems I see in Shanghai patients can probably be attributed to poor office ergonomics and too much time spent sitting at a desk (combined with too little exercise). Read on …

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Body & Soul is your solution for wellness in Shanghai, with over 13 years successfully treating patients with a holistic blend of TCM and Western therapies. We also offer Shanghai’s largest team of multi-disciplinary pain management and rehabilitation experts.

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