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Creating Your Own Oasis in Shanghai

It’s common for Shanghai expats to focus on escapism, in other words always looking toward “the day it’s over”. Both unconsciously and in statements and actions, expats are often waiting for the next vacation, trip home, or repatriation for an escape. Or, they may pack their schedules all week with constant meetings, errands and a full to-do list so that they’re exhausted by Friday and always awaiting the weekend to hide at home or party away their stress.

While those breaks can be necessary, why not make your time here better by creating your own oasis in Shanghai? Here are some ways to do so:

• Take five minutes every day (or multiple times/day) to find a quiet moment and have some silence.

• Practice meditation (whether you attend a group meditation or simply do it for a few minutes on your own).

• Live in the present moment. So often, we are constantly in a state for being hungry for what comes next, we miss out on what is going on right now. The attitude of escapism adds to this, as rather than enjoying what we can here we are thinking of the next vacation, trip or leaving.

• Find ways to detach from the roles that you identify with too strongly. Walk away from being the boss when you’re with your family or dealing with friends (Do you always feel the need to control the situation and manage everyone? Be aware of how you’re talking to others and let go of this control.). Take time out for yourself where you can get away from the duties of work or being a parent.

• Put your phone away during activities or times when you are relaxing. We easily become intoxicated with social media, checking our emails, WeChat messages, etc. Turn off the notifications and do something like exercising, exploring the city, reading, chatting with friends…without focusing on the phone.

• Rediscover all the wonderful things Shanghai has to offer. There are many great yoga studios, spas, meditation groups, sound healing, nature-focused and cultural meetups. Anyone can find fulfillment and things they enjoy here, with a little effort. Joining groups also helps you build connections and become integrated into this community that is your home.

• Maintain your mental as well as physical wellness with some upkeep. Healing techniques are not just for those who are depressed, anxious or suffering a mental disorder.

If you’d like help with maintaining mental well-being, creating a happy and fulfilled life in Shanghai or working through any challenges you’re facing, contact Body & Soul to make an appointment with Bibiana. Bibiana is a holistic psychologist who combines clinical psychology, psycho genealogy (Family Tree therapy) and alternative techniques such as chakras harmonization, energy healing and cleansing to help her patients be more aware and live happier lives.

She will also host a FREE talk at Body & Soul’s Lifestyle Center on Monday 24th of October, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on How to Deal with Your Emotions and Reach Well Being. Click here to learn more and register.

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