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Changing Your Energy to Change Your Life: Nine Simple Habits for a Happier Life

We are all made of energy. It only takes 12 seconds to invite something (outcome, experience, situation, person or mental statement) to be part of your vibrational level. What does this mean? It means that if you focus for more than 12 seconds on negative ideas, outcomes, experiences or people you will invite that energy to remain as part of yourself. You have the power to change and create a positive energy, therefore a brighter life.

Here are some tips for creating positive energy in your life:

1. Be aware of the quality of your thoughts and ideas. Reality is neutral; the way you interpret it is not. Be aware of the fact that, most of the time, our thoughts shape our reality.

2. Be grateful. Smile, say thank you (to others, to yourself, to your body). Practice taking a small moment to be grateful every day, for example to your body for being healthy enough to get you around, for the legs that propel you through the city and the freedom to go where you want.

3. Acceptance is powerful. Accept thing you cannot change to save your energy and get rid of a lot of negative emotions.

4. Be a thriver, not a survivor. Focus on activities that make you grow, set goals, look towards (and spend time with) positive role models who thrive in their environment.

5. Be your own best friend. Learn to recognize when you’re judging or criticizing yourself and how you might be acting as your own worst enemy. Would you say the things you “say” to yourself to a good friend?

6. Practice self-care. Know when you need rest/a break/”me time”, focus on healthy habits, but also incorporate self-care into your daily habits. What are you eating, thinking, and doing? Who are your surrounding yourself with?

7. Reframe situations as possibilities (or create the possibility). The person who initially feels devastated by a job loss, divorce or move often comes out of the situation with many positive changes (if he/she can see or create the possibilities rather than getting bogged down in the negative feelings).

8. Set your day up for positive energy from the start. Think positively about it being a good day and be open to the possibilities. Change your routine if it will help with this (get up a bit earlier to have time for yourself or be less rushed, start with a quick meditation or stretching, change your commute method/time).

9. Connect to the balance of giving and receiving in life. Many of us are good at giving, but not at receiving. When your friend offers to split the check, take the money and say thank you. Accept a compliment rather than brushing it off. However, it is also important to identify “takers” in our lives where the relationship is unbalanced towards you always giving and not receiving anything in return.

These simple tips can make a big difference in how you’re experiencing life, no matter what the circumstances.

If you need help (simple tips aren’t always easy to put into practice as we need support breaking habits), contact Body & Soul to make an appointment with Bibiana. Bibiana is a holistic psychologist who combines several therapies and alternative techniques to help her patients get rid of patterns which limit them and allow them to live happier lives.

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