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Women’s Day Healing Circle: Reconnect with Your Joy and Sensuality

Pursuing its mission to heal patients as a whole, Body & Soul is happy to introduce a new series of healing workshops including Women’s Sharing Circles led by Bibiana Rueda-Bueno, Holistic Psychologist.

These workshops aim at soothing the mind, balancing emotions and harmonizing energy. Attendees become more aware and relaxed. It provides them with tools to deal with daily situations and emotions.

Women’s Day Event

On the occasion of Women’s Day on the 8th of March, Bibiana will hold a special Women’s Circle. She shares a few thoughts on how it works and how women can benefit: “A women’s circle is a gathering space for women. It is a sacred space for healing, celebration and sharing. Here women silently nurture and strengthen the feminine awakening; healing and growing up together, healing relationships with spouses, family and friends.”

What is the Shiny Women’s Circle?

The power of the women’s circle comes from the inner, shiny energy of the women gathered together in the process of discovery and enjoyment. Bibiana shares, “The circle is a powerful reunion of feminine energy ready to move, to celebrate, to heal and empower all the women together”. Sessions usually include meditation, mindfulness exercises, sharing and energy cleansing. They are an opportunity to be vulnerable, be in tune with the physical body and acknowledge the importance of healing the body to improve and balance emotions and reactions.

What to Expect

The Women Circle taking place on March 8th will honor feminine sexuality and pleasure. It will help attendees to acknowledge, clean, heal and forgive negative beliefs and statements they may have about female sexuality and pleasure. This process will help them to, step by step, be in tune with their body, allowing pleasure to be a genuine and pure energy to thrive. Techniques like body scan, guided meditation and sharing space foster an environment to reconnect to sensuality and feel the feminine empowerment from within.

According to Bibiana, Women’s Circle can help to create a quiet space to be in tune with one’s sacred energy. Bibiana creates a safe environment to explore and release emotions. Attendees can make a genuine connection with their own vibrant feminine energy, at their own pace.

A few women who attended previous Women’s Circles share their experience and what this holistic healing session brought them:

“The women circle was a great opportunity for me to connect with my female energy, learn about myself and to share my experiences and feeling in a safe and comfortable environment.” Carolina N.

“The Woman Circle with Bibiana is all about time – you take a little break from your daily life and invest time and energy into listening to yourself, breathe and connect. Bibiana teaches about woman energy, feminine power and connecting to ourselves – something I was personally forgetting about and ignoring. Besides, I found it was a calming and special experience that includes meditation and breathing exercises.” Sky S.

Sign up now!

To discover the benefits of Women’s Circle, sign up now for the special session hosted on Women’s Day!

When: March 8th, from 7pm to 9pm

Location: Body & Soul Lifestyle Center – Xintiandi

Capacity: 10 pax

Price: 150 RMB

For further information and to register, please scan the below QR Code and send a Wechat message directly to Bibiana Rueda-Bueno.

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