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Small Gym, Home Office

Small Gym, Home Office

Let’s make moves together!


First, let’s check our posture before reading further…





Are you in this position? 是这样的?

Or this? 这样的?

Or even this? 还是这样的?

Now, let’s take a deep breath and then restore our posture according to the following picture:


A lot of people have to stay at home under the current situation. Gyms are closed and outdoor group sport activities are mostly cancelled. We start to move less and become more sedentary at home. You may notice your Wechat step counts dropping dramatically. Lots of people have now started home-based working, which leads them to sit more than before. While we are sitting so much at home, we may start to have back pain due to poor posture and lack of movement.



So, let us give you some tips and advice to stay healthy and minimize pain. 所以,针对这系列问题,给出一些健康贴士和小建议。


  1. The most important thing is keeping good posture while you are standing or sitting, as the models below show. 重中之重,我们应当有一个良好的站姿或者坐姿。
  2. Change your posture every hour, so that your muscles and joints will not be stiff.


  1. Keep doing stretching and mobility exercises at home every day (see the following examples).


Cat and cow x 10 (猫式和牛式,每组十个)

Key pointers: put both hands under the shoulders, both knees under the hips. Breath in and arch the back, breath out and round your back.



T spine mobility x 8 each side (脊柱伸展,每侧各8次)

Key pointers: Use breathing to guide the movement, keep the back flat.



Deep breathing x 10 (深呼吸,10次)

Key pointers: Keep the lower back sticking to the ground all the time. Breath in = raise the belly, breath out = keep the belly high all the time.



Dead bug x 8 each side (死虫式,每侧8次)

Key pointers: Keep the lower back sticking to the ground all the time, control your breathing. For beginners, you can start with arms only and put the legs on the ground.



LB stretch 30s x 2 (抱膝腰部拉伸,2组,每组30秒)

Hip stretch 30s x 2 (臀部拉伸,2组,每组30秒)

Neck stretch 30s x 2 (肩颈拉伸,2组,每组30秒)

We can use this series of exercises and stretches to maintain spine mobility and deep core stabilization.


Hope you stay safe and healthy and see you soon!



John Zhong provides physical therapy, sports rehabilitation and training at the Downtown (Xintiandi), Hongmei Road (Minhang) clinics. Click here to make an appointment with him.