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How can counseling treatment help you with sleeping difficulty?

1) Lying in bed for several hours, but still highly alert to noise during night time

2) Waking up much earlier than regular time

3) Feeling tired or exhausted during the daytime

4) Feel nervous during sleep

5) Having difficulties concentrating on regular tasks

6) Thinking about work, your family challenges or life frustration when in bed

If you recognize yourself (or another family member) in 4-5 of the above questions, there might be signs of insomnia and a professional therapist could help. Is there any solution to improve your sleeping condition? The answer is a positive “yes”! Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is proved to be an effective way for insomnia. It helps change actions or thoughts that hurt the ability to sleep well and helps develop habits that promote a healthy pattern of sleep. In order to change your sleeping conditions, sleeping data will have to be examined (sleeping diary, nightmare exposure, threat system…) and cognitive skills will be taught. For example, breathing technique and muscle relaxation are key factors of sleep quality. These methods are used to help you indentify attitudes and beliefs that hinder your sleep – most of those usually involve worries and stress that keep you awake.

A professional therapist helps you process your thoughts and feelings about sleep. I have helped many adult and young patients improve their sleeping conditions by using special counseling techniques for insomnia and nightmare coping. During treatment, patients are guided to relax and find the hidden “worried”, “anxious” or “depressive” obstacles for sleeping. Patients learn different cognitive ways to overcome negative thoughts and promote positive attitudes and beliefs, thus able to change their routine behaviors. Successful rate of this technique is very high and the result is promising to many of insomnia sufferers.

Claire Lin is a Child and Family Psychologist whose unique expertise lies in various projective tests and counselling evaluations. She combines traditional therapies with the treatment rooting from the subconscious mind. Contact us to book an appointment with Claire and make the first step to a sound sleep.

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