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Prevention and treatment of 2019-nCoV infection

Prevention and treatment of 2019-nCoV infection

Recently, the 2019-nCoV infection is increasing gradually all over the country, fortunately, the Spring Festival holiday gives people a precious time to isolate themselves. But the long holiday will be over soon. What else should we do after that?

1. 对于健康人群或疑似接触过患者但没有症状的人群来说,

For healthy people or people who have suspected contact with patients but have no symptoms,

  • 延长假期,国务院已经通告延长假期到2月2日为止,如果有条件的话,建议自行安排14天的隔离期更好。

To extend the holiday, the State Council of China has announced to extend the holiday until February 2. If conditions permit, it is better to arrange 14 days of isolation by yourself.

  •  减少不必要的聚会,不去人多的地方。外出一定要戴口罩,可选择N95口罩,或一次性医用口罩。

Reduce unnecessary gatherings and avoid crowded places. You must wear a mask when going out. You can choose N95 mask or disposable medical mask.

  •  勤洗手,要擦肥皂和用流水冲洗干净,或用免洗消毒洗手液。

Wash your hands frequently, wash them with soap and running water, or use hand sanitizer.

  •  当咳嗽时,需用纸巾或肘部遮掩口鼻。

When coughing, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or elbow.

  • 开窗通风,注意保持室内空气流通。

Windowing ventilation, make sure that shared spaces have good air flow.

  •  摄入足够的营养以提高免疫力。

Should take in enough nutrition to improve your immunity.

  •  多喝水,频繁、每次少量喝水,以保持咽喉部的湿润。

Could drink more water, frequent but small amount of water each time to keep the throat moist.

  • 不熬夜,保证足够的睡眠时间。

Please try to don’t stay up late, extend your rest time, ensure enough sleeping time to stay health.

  •  平时如果体虚,容易感冒的人群,可以适当地服用中药以提高免疫功能。

If the body’s “Qi” is always deficient, easy to catch cold and feel tired, people can take Chinese medicine properly or accept moxibustion treatment to improve the immune function.

2. 对于有咽痛,干咳,乏力,有/无低烧的症状较轻的人群,可不必立即去发热门诊,以避免交叉感染。除了需要遵守上述8条外,可选择服用莲花清瘟胶囊,清开灵颗粒,小柴胡颗粒,抗病毒口服液,双黄连口服液等。

For people with less severe symptoms such as sore throat, dry cough, fatigue ,diarrhea and no fever / or low fever, it is not necessary to go to fever clinic immediately to avoid cross infection. In addition to the above 9 items, you can choose to take Lianhua Qingwen capsule(莲花清瘟胶囊), Qingkailing granules(清开灵颗粒), Xiaochaihu granules(小柴胡颗粒), antiviral oral liquid(抗病毒口服液), Shuanghuanglian oral liquid(双黄连口服液), etc.

3. 对于症状没有缓解,突然发热,持续不退,T:38℃的人群,应立即去住所附近的、上海市指定医院的发热门诊(上海市有一百多家)就诊。一旦确诊,病人首先需要隔离。临床上治疗手段仍然是以西医为主。但很遗憾的是,针对病毒并没有特效药。2003年在抗击SARS的过程中,中医们积累了大量的治疗经验显示,中医中药有着良好的抗病毒的疗效,并且可以减少激素的剂量以及减轻因大量使用激素所造成的副作用。

For the people whose symptoms are not alleviated, who suddenly have fever and keep going to T: 38 ℃, they should go to the designated hospital’s fever clinic near their residence immediately. There are 110 fever clinics in Shanghai. Once be confirmed, the patient needs to be isolated first. Western medicine is still the main treatment in clinic. Unfortunately, there is no specific drug for the virus at this moment. In the course of fighting SARS in 2003, TCM accumulated a lot of treatment experience, which shows that TCM has good antiviral effect, and can reduce the dose of steroid hormone and the side effects caused by the use of steroid hormone.