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Naturally Reducing the Dangers of High Cholesterol

Naturally Reducing the Dangers of High Cholesterol

The Chinese consider high cholesterol to be a modern disease that goes along with a wealthier lifestyle. Essentially, in our modern society we generally eat a higher fat, higher calorie diet. At the same time, we tend to have less physical work and daily movement. However, heredity can also be a reason for high cholesterol.

The High Risks of High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is one of the risk factors that can lead to coronary heart disease and stroke. In Western Medicine, cholesterol is divided into the low density lipoprotein (LDL), also called the bad cholesterol, and high density lipoprotein (HDL) which is called the good cholesterol. Excess of LDL and low values of HDL contribute to the blockage of arteries, which can lead to heart attack and stroke. Early symptoms are high blood pressure, headaches, dizziness, and pain in left arm, shortness of breath and numbness in the fingers.

Body & Soul offers a full array of scientific lab services on site at our clinics. We can run comprehensive diagnostic tests including measuring cholesterol levels. Preventative screening can be life-saving.

TCM Support for Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) does not have one specific disease expression that represents blood lipids. It is rather explained and treated according to the following disease patterns:

  • Liver-Kidney Deficiency: The deficiency is related to a disturbed production of bile, as well as problems in the liver and excretory system that lead to a disorder of the lipid digestion.
  • Blood Stasis: The blood circulation is poor and disturbed, often in direct connection to arthritic and heart diseases.
  • Spleen-Stomach Deficiency: It is characterized by an incapability of the digestive system to fulfill its function to process cholesterol.
  • Damp-Phlegm in the Lung and Spleen: This is an exterior cold syndrome where dampness invades the spleen/digestion and leads to a blockage and phlegm in the lung.

Depending on the diagnosis, well-chosen acupuncture points can improve the circulation of blood and body fluids. There’s also a wide range of medicinal herbs to treat the condition of high cholesterol. The leaves, flowers and berries of Shan Zha Tan (Chinese hawthorne) promote the digestive and circulatory health. Hong Qu (Red yeast rice) also enhances the circulation and lowers LDL in the blood.

Herbal tea is often prescribed due to its positive effects on digestive problems and support for weight loss. Fish such as salmon and fruits such as apples are suspected to lower the LDL values in the blood. In general, a balanced and healthy diet will reduce high cholesterol. Such natural options can support your overall care plan to reduce cholesterol and heart disease risk. In many cases, they can reduce or eliminate the need for drugs (which tend to have many side effects).

Suffering from high cholesterol levels or have a family history of heart disease? Get in touch with Body & Soul to find about natural solutions to reduce cholesterol levels.

Doris Rathgeber
TCM Doctor & Founder of Body & Soul – Medical Clinics

With more than 20 years of experience as a TCM Doctor and internal medicine specialist, Doris treats a vast array of acute and chronic diseases by expertly combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine. She also hast extensive experience addressing women’s issues as well as infertility problems.