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Meet the Doctor: Viviane Li, TCM/ Acupuncturist

Meet the Doctor: Viviane Li, TCM/ Acupuncturist

Viviane is an accomplished doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in acupuncture. Viviane has expertise in treating gynecological, internal and endocrine disorders with acupuncture. She develops effective healing strategies for patients with pain, stress, insomnia, dermatological, and digestive problems.

Tell us about your journey to studying TCM in Shanghai.

I’m from Taiwan and I came to Shanghai in senior high school, then remained here for university. My family used TCM to treat their health issues and stay well, so I became interested in learning more. I received my bachelor’s degree with a major in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During my studies, I developed a strong interest in acupuncture. I went on to pursue my master’s degree, majoring in acupuncture and tuina massage. I was fortunate to study with a chief physician and participate in acupuncture research.

Can you share a bit of your work history and what you like about working at Body & Soul?

I interned in local hospitals where I saw a wide array of conditions and honed my diagnostic and treatment skills. In my clinic experience, I provided medical consultation, diagnosis and treatment in areas such as gynecology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and dermatology. I also gained experience in administration, ranging from establishing a TCM department to staff training and promotion.

Body & Soul has its own unique culture. It is a relaxed, friendly environment. Most importantly, we combine eastern and western medicine to find the best solution for the patient. The Body & Soul team really understands the mind-body connection, which is so essential to prevention.

What are some of the main conditions you treat at Body & Soul?

Quite often, patients come in with pain…neck, lower back, sports injuries and headaches. Another common issue for Shanghai expats is stress and insomnia. Having to adjust to a new environment and a high pressure lifestyle takes a toll on health. With the stress and environmental factors, many also have difficulty adjusting to seasonal changes. Fortunately, acupuncture and herbal medicines can quickly rebalance the body when suffering seasonal illnesses, digestive problems or sleep issues. Additionally, I have extensive experience in gynecology. I work closely with Body & Soul’s gynecology and infertility expert, Dr. Liu, to treat patients suffering from PMS, period pain, menstrual symptoms and infertility with acupuncture.

The natural solutions offered by TCM provide effective results for many such issues. Acupuncture has the ability to change the body chemistry and bring the body and mind back into a natural, healthy state.

Viviane offers TCM evaluation and treatments in the Downtown (Xintiandi) clinic. Click here to make an appointment with her.


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