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Look Good, Feel Good: Winter Skin Tips

Look Good, Feel Good: Winter Skin Tips

Skin is a vital protective organ and is also the biggest organ in our body. It both protects us and shows signs of our inner health and how our environment is affecting us.

And, in Shanghai, our skin has a lot of protecting to do since the difference between seasons can be so dramatic. While summer is extremely hot and very humid (up to 80%), winter is very cold and dry (with less than 30% humidity typically). These drastic changes and the winter cold and dry weather can wreak havoc on our skin.

Outdoors, our skin shields us from the cold, rain, wind, and pollution. Indoors, it shields us from the warm, dry air conditioning and hot water. We expose ourselves to extreme temperature differences during the wintertime, which dries out our skin. As a result, the skin feels irritated and itchy. However, dry skin can be more than a cosmetic or comfort problem. Dry skin becomes a medical issue when it splits, bleeds and does not heal.

A Traditional Chinese Medicine Look at the Skin

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the pores of the skin open up in summer which keeps the skin moist and glowing. The intake of refreshing and replenishing food keeps the water metabolism stable and high. Due to the temperature drop in winter and drastically lower humidity levels, the skin dries out easily. Red spots, itchiness, and more wrinkles are the results of that phenomenon. Shanghai’s air pollution causes the skin to be even more irritated. It can be difficult to love your look and feel confident in these conditions!

In traditional Chinese medicine, the skin is a part of the lung system. Any ailment found in the skin will be diagnosed via the lung system. Your skin is more than your outer appearance. It reflects what is going on inside your body and maybe indicating systematic problems.

When visiting a TCM practitioner, your skin is viewed as part of this system and is just one of many indicators to help determine your body’s condition. In addition to analyzing the whole body, the human is also seen in harmony with nature so TCM practitioners always consider the seasons and environment. In winter, the skin is extra dry because winter is the dry season – a Yin season in TCM.

How to Get Your Skin Looking Healthy Again

If you are experiencing skin problems or aren’t satisfied with the look of your skin lately, visit one of Body & Soul’s TCM dermatology experts for a personalized evaluation. With some natural solutions, you can look better, gain more confidence, and address underlying health issues that your skin may be demonstrating.

Additionally, here are a few tips for winter skincare that can help keep you looking and feeling great:

  • Drink more warm water with honey. It moisturizes the skin and replenishes the cooling element Yin.

  • Use a richer cream to moisturize and protect the skin from air pollution!

Click here to schedule an appointment with a TCM doctor who can help you with chronic dry skin and other skin concerns.

Doris Rathgeber
TCM Doctor & Founder of Body & Soul – Medical Clinics

With more than 20 years of experience as a TCM Doctor and internal medicine specialist, Doris treats a vast array of acute and chronic diseases by expertly combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine. She also hast extensive experience addressing women’s issues as well as infertility problems.