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Introduction to TCM pediatric

Introduction to TCM pediatric

“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” – Milton Berle

Yes, the quote above expresses the ups and downs of parenting life accurately, unconditional love, endless care and dedication to ensure that our children are able to grow healthily, both mentally and physically, in a stimulating, positive and conducive environment. Therefore, coping with various childhood ailments is an ordinary occurrence for all parents throughout their children’s development stages.

TCM, a traditional oriental medical approach, a complement to western medicine, is gaining its popularity as it is natural and has lesser side effects when it comes to monitoring the health of children.

In this upcoming ‘Introduction to TCM pediatric’ article series, we will be diving it up as follows;

  1. Unique Characteristics of Children
  2. Three Excesses and Four Deficiencies
  3. Main Causes of Disease and Treatment

Unique Characteristics of Children

According to TCM theory, there are two main characteristics to pediatric physiology.

1) Children have a pure yang constitution

Pure yang[1] constitution is only in relation to children’s rapid and vigorous growth despite having an immature yin and yang. Due to this pure yang constitution that children possess, yang easily becomes hyper-active as yin immaturity is not capable of controlling yang. When this happens, it easily manifests as evil heat, or heat syndromes.

2) Delicate constitution that is immature both physically and functionally

Classical text states: “Soft body build, insufficient Qi and Blood, unformed tendons and blood vessels, unevolved Spirit, immature Essential Qi of the internal organs, and weak body resistance.”[2]

Due to children’s delicate constitution and immaturity of the Zang Fu organs and Qi, they are much more susceptible to illness compared to adults. Other than susceptibility to illness, when children do get ill, their disease tends to transmit and progress more rapidly through the various described in TCM theory.

It is worth mentioning that in TCM, children have these unique characteristics which encompasses their cause of disease and acts as a pointer for diagnosis and treatment.

In the coming article, we will have further elaboration about the Yin & Yang, Zang-fu organ, 3 excesses and 4 deficiencies.


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