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How to Get Rid of Joint Stiffness and Sore Muscles

How to Get Rid of Joint Stiffness and Sore Muscles

Joint stiffness and muscle soreness are often the cause of pain. What then is the cause of joint and muscle issues?  This is a little more complicated as we often don’t feel well when we haven’t done anything and don’t feel well after exercise. It would seem then that it’s a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” kind of situation.

However, the key is balance. If you normally sit for long hours at a desk, that may seem like no exercise but in fact your low back, shoulder and neck muscles have been overworked holding you upright and still so you can type and read a computer screen. If you normally don’t exercise but hit the gym really hard once in a while and work out for two or three hours it’s probably more than your body can handle all at once.

Simply put, we shouldn’t do any one thing too much or for too long as this may cause inflammation and pain. Desk workers need to get up regularly and relax their backs and necks. This is easily done by standing and looking out a window to rest your eyes. Swing your arms around so your shoulders can get some range of motion movement in all directions. If you are going to the gym try to keep a regular schedule and limit the overall time you spend there, along with not overdoing any particular exercise.

The secret is to maintain blood circulation throughout the body. This is the key to the tissues receiving the oxygen and nutrients they need while circulating away carbon dioxide and waste.

Spring weather is finally here. It’s the perfect time to get out and do a little power walking or light jogging. Thirty minutes a day will do wonders for the way you feel and rid you of those aches and pains.

Herman Szeto is chiropractor specialized in pain management and postural restructuring. He offers orthotics consultations to treat a variety of conditions. Contact us to schedule an appointment with him.

Herman Szeto

hrough extensive education and 20 years of experience, Herman offers a variety of treatments such as soft tissue manipulation, joint manipulation and postural restructuring to relieve pain and improve the posture.