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How to deal with stress?

How to deal with stress?

We all deal with many stressors on a daily basis.  Whether from work, home or even just walking down a busy street.  Our emotions are intimately associated with what’s going on with the world around us.  The term we call STRESSED OUT often refers to too much going on around us and often things going negatively.  The end result is we don t feel good.  How this works is the outside stress we feel is internalized as tension in our bodies.  This physical manifestation is very real and often shows up in the form of fatigue.  Our muscles and joints commonly feel tight and sore especially in our shoulder/neck and low back regions.  This in turn gives us a feeling of unease causing us to feel unwell.

The good news is that this is not something we have to live with.  There are many ways of dealing with this problem and some of the easiest solutions are things we can do ourselves.  For many of us our disease comes from spending many hours at a desk staring at a screen.  Our bodies were not meant for such inactivity.  Holding our torsos steady while we constantly use our eyes and fingers puts tremendous stress on our spines.  Some very easy solutions include not sitting for long periods.  Try getting up every 30 minutes if even for 30 seconds.  This increases the circulation of blood flow throughout our bodies decreasing tension while bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to our cells.

This leads us to the importance of regular exercise.  We have all been told over and over how exercise can help but, we always wonder which one s to do.  Well the simple answer is any exercise that gets us moving and our heart rates up is great.  The simplest example would obviously be a power walk for 30 minutes a few times a week.  Other sporting activities may require more coordination but, are wonderful because we can have more fun doing them.  Activities such as yoga and pilates are useful because they exercise our muscles and joints through stretching.  Again they have the same effect because they bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to our cells.  The end result is stress release and lowered tension levels.

Our bodies are made up of hundreds of joints and muscles that need to be working properly for us to feel healthy.  Chiropractors work to keep these joints and muscles operating in unison with one another.  We often complain of a stiff neck or back for no apparent reason.  These are surefire signs that the body has lost its normal mobility and needs some professional care to restore its natural balance.  Muscle stretching and joint manipulation as used by chiropractors are some of the most useful techniques in releasing tension built up in the body from stress.

Chiropractors are also trained in the rehabilitation of many injuries.  They however stress the prevention of injuries and the maintenance through a healthy lifestyle.  Proper nutrition and rest play a very important role in our health and our general well-being.

When people are healthy it is much easier for them to feel happy.  It’s that simple!  So if you are sick and tired of being sore and want to get rid of the tension in your stress-filled body it is probably a good time to call a chiropractor.

Herman Szeto is a chiropractor specialized in pain management and postural restructuring. He offers orthotics consultations to treat a variety of conditions. Click here to schedule an appointment with him.


Herman Szeto

hrough extensive education and 20 years of experience, Herman offers a variety of treatments such as soft tissue manipulation, joint manipulation and postural restructuring to relieve pain and improve the posture.