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Have you found the left and right sides of your body imbalanced?

Have you found the left and right sides of your body imbalanced?

Have you found your back pain occurs on one side? Or, your headache and neck pain always feels worse on the left or right? One side of your nose is always more blocked than the other? You left or right arm/leg is consistently weaker? Maybe you notice your varicose veins are unevenly distributed?

You might wonder how the two sides of your body became so imbalanced.

It’s because the meridians controlling your body’s wellbeing are different on the left and right.

The meridians run symmetrically on both sides naturally. But, with aging, bad habits, patterns, external and lifestyle factors, some meridians become unwell. And, for most people the “sick meridians” on the left and right are inconsistent. That’s why you observe the circumstances above. And you may have a clearer perception of this when you get a massage and notice the variation in pain points on each side.

To understand what is going on, a TCM doctor will use diagnostic techniques such as reading your tongue and taking your pulse at the wrist. They can determine the state of your body’s imbalance such as liver fire, kidney deficits and spleen dampness.

The TCM doctor can also take your carotid artery pulses (the artery pulses beside your throat) to determine what is happening on each side of the body, which meridians have problems. Carotid artery pulse reading can be traced to more than 2,000 years ago. Nowadays, however, very few TCM doctors or acupuncturists practice this important reading anymore.

With carotid artery pulse reading, I receive more information on patients than just wrist pulses can provide. With a more thorough diagnosis, the patient gets a more effective prescription of herbs and acupuncture.

Many patients quickly see the difference with this diagnosis and targeted treatment. Those experiencing acute or chronic headaches, neck/back/shoulder pain, toothache, menstrual pain, etc. often find pain reduced by at least 50% once I put the needle in the right spots. By better understanding which meridians are sick, treatment is highly accurate.

Dr. Livie Fan has extensive clinical experience in cardiovascular diseases, digestive system diseases, respiratory system diseases, anxiety disorder, pediatrics and skin diseases. She offers TCM consultations as well as acupuncture treatments in our Century Park Clinic – Pudong. Click here to schedule a consultation with her and find out how carotid artery pulse reading can help you identify the causes of imbalances in your body.

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