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Five Tips to Be Ready for a Healthy, Happy Relationship

If you are single, you have a wonderful opportunity to prepare yourself for a healthy relationship and to choose the right partner. In choosing a partner, you should not feel you have to “sacrifice” things. That negative connotation is not a great way to start a relationship.

Here are a few key steps to being prepared for a healthy partnership:

1. Have an awareness of your beliefs. Hear what you’re telling yourself and the subconscious messages you have come to believe about relationships and yourself.

2. Know your own needs and how you can fulfill them. Don’t always look to a partner to fulfill your needs, but know how to ask for what you need from him/her. Communicating your needs is one of the most important relationship skills.

3. Take the time to know yourself and develop interests, goals, etc. Don’t expect your partner to complete you or give you all the fulfillment you need.

4. Don’t expect to change the person. Remember you are getting into a relationship with the whole person. If the person has a habit you don’t like – for example, you think he/she should stop smoking or drinking – understand that the person has to want to make that change. Don’t go into a relationship expecting the person will make such a change for you.

5. When you meet someone, envision facing each other and think of that as the model for the relationship. Always being focused on “the couple”, listening, communicating, and being aware is the best way to make it work. Be careful of looking to the past or always focusing on the future/achievements to the sake of ignoring your partner and the present moment. Be aware of how others (literally, such as someone constantly advising you on what to do–or figuratively, as in beliefs or behaviors you learned from them) enter your relationship and distract from the couple.

Each couple has their own “healthy dance”—relationships don’t have to be the same, but it is important that both partners have good communication, expectations and a healthy adult attitude in the relationship.

If you’d like to work on building a healthy relationship with yourself to be open and ready for a fulfilling partnership, contact Body & Soul to make an appointment with Bibiana. Bibiana is a holistic psychologist who combines clinical psychology, psycho genealogy (Family Tree therapy) and alternative techniques such as chakras harmonization, energy healing and cleansing to help her patients with self-awareness. She brings individuals onto a conscious path leading them to live their lives utterly, allowing them to express themselves in a unique, unrepeatable and fulfilling way.

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