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Copy of Blog: Mind-Body Connections

Copy of Blog: Mind-Body Connections

As an osteopath, people come to me because of aches and pains and I treat their physical issues, whether from trauma, overuse, postural distortion, or old injuries. However, not all pain a patient feels is physical. Sometimes the pain comes from an emotional source, and we may greatly underestimate the role of emotion in all pain.

During physical trauma, the person’s emotional state at that moment becomes part of the whole package of ‘pain’ the person experiences. I have seen many instances whereby I was treating someone for a physical issue, and the patient began to cry. Sometimes they knew why, and sometimes they didn’t. However, very often as treatment progresses the patient will be able to relate the emotion they felt to either a physical accident, or to an earlier time in their life, and to their presenting symptom.

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