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You might love food, but some food might not love you

You might love food, but some food might not love you

Many of us are familiar with the phrase ‘allergy’. When we have a food allergy, it is typically obvious since we react immediately when we come into contact with a food item. However, if we experience an itchy throat several hours after eating, it can be difficult to associate that symptom with a specific dish. Alternatively, we tend to ignore the symptom’s connection to what we’ve consumed.

Food sensitivity, like food allergy, is an immune-mediated response to otherwise safe foods. Food sensitivities, unlike food allergies, are characterized by modest symptoms that appear 3 to 72 hours after intake of the offending food at a specific dosage/concentration. Food sensitivities can cause both gut-related and extraintestinal symptoms.

A food sensitivity test allows you and your healthcare provider to identify food triggers that may be worsening symptoms or fueling chronic illnesses. Addressing these dietary triggers with a specific diet program reduces immune system stress, promotes a reduction in whole-body inflammation, and allows the gut to recover, relieving uncomfortable symptoms and optimizing overall health and wellbeing.

A food sensitivity test detects immunoglobulin (IgG) antibodies to a wide range of foods, herbs, and spices often found in Western, Asian, and Mediterranean diets, as well as candida and yeast. The common food products studied are classified as follows: nuts/legumes, dairy and eggs, fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood/fish, and others.

Example for 132 panel test:

IgG Food Sensitivity testing is straightforward to do, requiring only a finger-prick of blood. The test results are ready within 10-14 days and are simple to interpret for use in making dietary modifications for your physical wellness.

IgG 132 panel test kit and result 

If you are having symptoms related to food, dealing with recurring symptoms without a known cause, or thinking about eliminating possible triggers from your diet but unsure where to start, consult our healthcare professionals at Body&Soul for assistance in improving your overall health.


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