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Support your child’s digestive system with Tuina (massage)

Support your child’s digestive system with Tuina (massage)

Pediatric massage is an external Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy which stimulates certain acupuncture points or bodily areas in children to alleviate and prevent pediatric conditions by facilitating the flow of qi and blood while simultaneously optimizing the organs’ functions.

Chinese pediatric massage is useful for treating children up to 8 years of age. However, the younger the child is, the more effective pediatric massage can be.

For supporting children’s gastrointestinal issues, we have the following massage technique to assist your little ones.

1.补脾经 Tonifying the spleen meridian

Location: Outer edge of the thumb.

Method: Stroke the thumb from its tip to its root for 100-300 times.

Benefits: Strengthens the spleen, and addresses a wide array of digestive complaints.

2.清胃经 Clearing the stomach meridian

Location: First metacarpal, area below the thumb on the palmar aspect.

Method: Stroke upwards from the base of the palm towards the root of the for thumb 100-300 times
Benefits: Alleviates bloating and discomforts caused by indigestion, addresses nausea and vomiting.

3.顺运八卦 Clockwise motion of Ba Gua

Location: On the palm, radius distance is 2/3 the distance from center of palm to base of the middle finger.

Method: Stroke in clockwise circular motion on the palm for 100-300 times.

Benefits: Assist proper digestion and regulates the Lungs for expectoration of phlegm.

4.掐四缝穴 Pinch and knead the 4 horizontal seam

Location: Palmar aspect of finger joint that’s closer to the palm.

Method: Using the thumb, pinch and knead on the joint area of the index to pinky finger for 10-20times per finger.

Benefits: Improves appetite.

5.揉板门(板门为脾胃之门)Knead  Ban Men

Location: On the fleshy part of the palm (Thenar), between the thumb and the base of the palm.

Method: Using your thumb, knead in a clock wise circular motion for 100-300 times

Benefits: Strengthens the spleen and harmonizes the stomach, maintain smooth flow of qi within the body.

6.分腹阴阳 Separating the Yin-Yang of the stomach

Location: On the abdominal area just below the rib cage.

Method: Placing both hands on the side of ribs, drawing the thumb outwards from the center to the sides for 100-300 times.

Benefits: Alleviates abdominal pain, bloating and indigestion. Calms the spirit.

7.顺时摩腹 Clockwise circular abdominal massage

Location: On the abdominal, with the navel as the center reference point.
Method: Using the fingers or palms to carry out a circular massage motion on the abdomen. 100-300times.

Benefits: Massaging in clockwise direction will increase bowel movements, suitable for kids with dry stools or sluggish bowels. Whereas anticlockwise direction will reduce bowel movements and hence suitable for kids with diarrhea or loose watery stools. For general wellness, done with a balance of both directions for 50-100 times.

8.揉足三里 Kneading the knee aka zusanli

Location: On the outer calf, about 4 finger width under the knee bone.

Method: Press the spot with your thumb and knead for 30-50times.
Benefits: Bidirectional regulatory action for the digestive system. Alleviates constipation or diarrhea.

9.捏脊 Spine pinching

Location: On the back, along the entire spine.
Method: With both thumb, index, and middle fingers on each side of the base of the spine, pinch and roll the skin upwards till the base of the neck, repeat 3-6 times.

10.推七节骨 Pushing the seven bones

Location: On the mid-line along the base of the spine to the sitting bone.
Method: Using the thumb or both index and middle fingers to push along the mid-line in a unilateral direction for 100-300times.
Benefits: Upward motions is used to relieve diarrhea, while downward motion is to induce bowel movement.

We trust that the acupoints and techniques outlined above offer valuable insights into how pediatric massage can assist in bolstering your child’s digestive system. We’re excited at the prospect of supporting you and your little ones and encourage you to contact our team of doctors and therapists to learn more about how we can provide the care you require.