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Reiki: An Effective Healing Partner

Reiki is now one of the top three complementary therapies in U.S. hospitals, according to an AHA (American Hospital Association) survey. The International Association of Reiki Practitioners states that Reiki becomes more demanded in the clinical setting. Nurses and doctors share that Reiki: makes a patient relaxed, calm and cooperative; relieves pain; boosts immunity; decreases the need for pain medications; improves sleep and appetite; accelerates healing; and reduces many of the side effects of chemo and radiation such as nausea and fatigue. Yale hospital has been using Reiki on acute cardiac patients with positive results and several cancer centers employ Reiki for its many benefits.

Reiki goes to the root of the problem and work on the mind-body connection that has so much to do with illness and healing. Everything from a small cold to a major illness is related to imbalances in our vital energy (qi/ki). Reiki practitioners see health as a balanced life of happiness and abundance, not as simply the absence of disease. The client is a partner in the process; the Reiki practitioner is simply serving as a conduit to optimize the person’s energy.

Reiki for Pain

The Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Canada, conducted a study on the effects of Reiki with oncology patients in chronic pain and found pain levels were greatly reduced after treatment. A large ongoing study of Reiki at Columbia/HCA Portsmouth Regional Hospital in New Hampshire, U.S.A. involves pre- and post-surgery Reiki treatments on more than 8,000 patients. All the patients receiving Reiki have needed less anesthesia and pain medication, had less bleeding during surgery, and had shorter hospital stays with greater levels of satisfaction. For Reiki practitioners, these clinical results are not surprising.

A Body & Soul patient came in with chronic pain from arthritis. She took many medications and was exhausted, frustrated and fairly debilitated by her pain. Her pain and weariness showed in her appearance. After a series of Reiki treatments, she changed dramatically. She still has arthritis and pain; however, she sees her illness with a different perspective, she’s enjoying life and has more energy. She takes less medication now and you can see a physical difference when she walks into the room. Her life is not all about the pain now and she is no longer so debilitated by it.

Reiki for Chronic Conditions

Patients with many chronic conditions can benefit from Reiki. It has been used successfully to reduce symptoms for AIDS patients, people with chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS) and more. Of course it can help even a “healthy” (i.e. free of disease) person with better energy, improved sleep, less aches and pains, more focus, and an improved outlook. For those dealing with chronic conditions or undergoing medical treatment, these benefits clearly are even more important to their healing and well-being.

If you are dealing with a chronic condition, pain, sleep problems, undergoing medical treatment or simply want to explore how Reiki can improve your energy and well-being, contact Body & Soul to make a Reiki consultation appointment with Gabriel Salazar. Gabriel is a Reiki Master specialized in energy cleansing, chakra harmonization, rebirth and empowering rituals amongst others.

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