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ADHD Explained

ADHD Explained

ADHD, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, is usually discovered in elementary school. It is more common in boys than girls. Teachers usually notice that the student has trouble paying attention or staying still.

There are three types of ADHD:

  1. Inattentive: characterized by difficulty paying attention (the child may be sitting quietly and look like they’re paying attention but their thoughts are elsewhere)
  2. Hyperactive: the student is overactive, has difficulty sitting still and handling other age-appropriate tasks
  3. Combination

Children (and adults) with ADHD may also demonstrate impulsive behavior. They show signs such as: difficulty organizing tasks and activities, being easily distracted, seeming not to listen, making careless mistakes, fidgeting, excessive talking, and inability to do quiet tasks or wait their turn. These symptoms often lead to learning and behavior problems.

ADHD results from chemical imbalances, which primarily have genetic roots. Sometimes, however, kids that are a bit more active may just be displaying normal age-related behavior. And, the problem can be rooted in emotional issues related to divorce, moving, changing schools, etc.

A psychologist can get to know what’s happening with the child for a proper diagnosis. He/she can determine if there are underlying emotional issues or if the behavior is within a normal range for the age. Psychotherapy shows great success addressing related emotional issues. The therapist can also help the child with coping tools.

For more active kids, they may just need the right setting and expectations. For example, a school that integrates movement and creativity may suit the child better than a tightly structured setting. A psychologist can explain what is realistic at different ages and offer suggestions.

It is important to address possible ADHD. Problems can carry over to adulthood and create bigger issues if not managed properly. Without help, kids become frustrated and experience learning difficulties. They often develop low self-esteem. This may lead to anger, anxiety, aggression and other behavior problems that can have long-term implications.


If you are concerned about your child’s behavior, contact Body & Soul to make an appointment with Claudia Sáenz. Claudia focuses on treating infants, children and teenagers suffering from various disorders through clinical psychology, projective and psychometric psychological tests and art therapy. She is specialized in treating emotional and behavioral disorders and study/learning problems such as ADHD.

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