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Addressing the Different Types of Stress Common to Shanghai Expats

Stress, Time and Self-Management Most people associate “stress” with “too much”…too much to do and the heart-pumping sensation of pressure and deadlines. But “too little” can leave us mentally stressed as well. Small or large changes can also cause stress. We don’t always recognize the symptoms of this kind of stress, or take them seriously. When we don’t have extreme pressure but are suffering from the stress of “too little” we...

Physical Pain: The Emotional Connection

Any physical issue or pain you experience is a symptom of what is going on in the body and mind. It is all connected, so body and mind cannot be separated. TCM has long understood this wholeness. Focusing solely on symptom treatment has kept a lot of people in a cycle of masking what the body is saying and therefore continuing to suffer. BioNeuroEmotion (BNE) is a method that studies a...

New School Year, New You: Achieving Your Goals

As the school year starts and many of us return from summer holidays, we start to think of plans for the time ahead. Some will be starting a new job, or coming to Shanghai for the first time. And, many of us will be ready to settle back into a routine and think about things we’d like to change or accomplish. This is the perfect time to set goals, whether short-term improvements or long-term plans. Here are some key tips for setting and achieving your goals:

Feeling Extra Sweaty?

Everybody knows that sticky feeling in hot or stressful situations. You start to sweat, your hands are wet, wet patches form under your arms, your forehead starts to glisten. This form of sweating is a normal and temporary bodily reaction to an extreme situation. Of course, physical exercise, high temperatures and overly warm clothes also lead to temporary perspiration. We’ve probably all been extra sweaty this summer!

Pampering, Pedicures….Problems!

Many people enjoy going to the spa or nail salon for a foot massage and pedicure. It’s a wonderful way to relax and treat your tired feet. But, as a podiatrist I see the downside of this pampering treatment. Patients sometimes come in with problems picked up at the nail salon such as sharp pieces of nail cutting into the toe, improperly cut/ingrown nails, infections and even injury.

Breathe Freely: Natural Allergy Solutions

Are red, watery eyes and a swollen nose your trademark spring look? Many allergy sufferers dread the coming spring. Life becomes round after round of antihistamines and nasal sprays. Shanghai’s damp, dusty (and polluted) environment is a nightmare for many allergy and asthma sufferers. Ancient Chinese Wisdom: The Root Causes of Allergies TCM interprets allergies as a disharmony in the body. It is often diagnosed as a “wind” influence accompanied by another...

Triple Hormone Hell: Fatigue, Insomnia, and Depression

Too many women suffer like I did from what we can call “triple hormone hell”. It’s a nightmare combination of symptoms that includes chronic fatigue, insomnia and moodiness (particularly depression). I was trying to get through my day with 1-2 hours of sleep at a time and overwhelming fatigue and feelings of despair. I had gained a significant amount of weight and my limbs felt heavy and my breathing constricted. I...

TCM Focus: Tuina Massage

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) differs from western medicine in a number of ways. These include how a diagnosis is made, as well as the curative methods employed. Our TCM series serves to introduce the various methods and their underlying mechanisms. Tuina massage is the name for the massage therapy used in TCM. History of Tuina Tuina is not as well-known worldwide as acupuncture and other TCM treatments; however, its history is just...

Creating Your Own Oasis in Shanghai

It’s common for Shanghai expats to focus on escapism, in other words always looking toward “the day it’s over”. Both unconsciously and in statements and actions, expats are often waiting for the next vacation, trip home, or repatriation for an escape. Or, they may pack their schedules all week with constant meetings, errands and a full to-do list so that they’re exhausted by Friday and always awaiting the weekend to...