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Naturally Reducing the Dangers of High Cholesterol

The Chinese consider high cholesterol to be a modern disease that goes along with a wealthier lifestyle. Essentially, in our modern society we generally eat a higher fat, higher calorie diet. At the same time, we tend to have less physical work and daily movement. However, heredity can also be a reason for high cholesterol. The High Risks of High Cholesterol High cholesterol is one of the risk factors that can lead...

When the tongue speaks for your body

Along with pulse taking, tongue analysis is of the main pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine and therefore an essential part of the diagnosis. The human tongue is seen as a “map” of the internal body, standing not only for the blood and Qi fluency, but also for the harmony of all organs. Each part of the tongue mirrors an organical system according to the five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water). But how can someone come up with a diagnosis just by looking at a person’s tongue?

Feeling Extra Sweaty?

Everybody knows that sticky feeling in hot or stressful situations. You start to sweat, your hands are wet, wet patches form under your arms, your forehead starts to glisten. This form of sweating is a normal and temporary bodily reaction to an extreme situation. Of course, physical exercise, high temperatures and overly warm clothes also lead to temporary perspiration. We’ve probably all been extra sweaty this summer!

Conversations with Doris: Dynamic China

China: Past, Present and Future In this series, we share conversations with Doris Rathgeber, founder of Body & Soul – Medical Clinics. Doris came to China more than 20 years ago. During her time here, she has completed her Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) training, started Body & Soul, and helped thousands of patients from all over the world. Meanwhile, she and her husband began their family here and have embraced life...

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a medical system which is proven effective in treating a vast array of diseases naturally. Thanks to a combination of herbal medicine and acupuncture among other therapies, TCM treats the person as a whole by restoring balance physically and emotionally. TCM can naturally provide relief for the following conditions: Internal medicine diseases Digestive disorders Respiratory disorders Menstrual disorders and infertility Skin diseases Western therapies’ side...

What can Chinese herbs do for you?

Chinese herbs are well known for their effectiveness in prevention and curing. Herbal decoctions are frequently used to strengthen the immune system naturally and cure with minor side effects. There are more than 1000 herbs commonly used in TCM and each individual combination has its own characteristics and effects. As everyone’s constitution and symptoms are unique, herbal decoctions are always custom made in order to fully treat the patient’s condition and...

All Your Acupuncture Questions Answered

In our TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) series, we share insight into the major TCM treatments and answer frequently asked questions. Acupuncture is a popular TCM method to cure disease and restore balance. People often wonder “Will getting stuck with needles really make me healthier?” Here is everything you want to know about acupuncture. TCM Philosophy TCM believes a healthy body and mind is achieved through a free flow of vital energy (Qi)...