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Sweating It Out

Sweating is a normal bodily function. The human body contains up to five million sweat glands, which release perspiration to the surface when our body temperature rises. When this fluid on our skin’s surface evaporates, we cool down to maintain a normal body temperature (average 37°C). Of course, sometimes we sweat more than usual. We sweat more on hot days, depending on how we are dressed, and during physical exertion. Additionally,...

Seven Things You Should Not Do After Running

With changing lifestyles, people are paying greater attention to health and exercise is becoming more popular. Exercise can not only strengthen the physique, but also, prevents many diseases. Running has been widely adopted by the public since it is a simple sport to start. Research shows that long-term adherence to a running routine can improve cardiopulmonary function, enhance immunity, strengthen the body, delay aging, eliminate tension, and improve sleep quality. However,...

Feeling Extra Sweaty?

Everybody knows that sticky feeling in hot or stressful situations. You start to sweat, your hands are wet, wet patches form under your arms, your forehead starts to glisten. This form of sweating is a normal and temporary bodily reaction to an extreme situation. Of course, physical exercise, high temperatures and overly warm clothes also lead to temporary perspiration. We’ve probably all been extra sweaty this summer!