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Chronic Stress

People's lifestyle had a huge change due to the Covid-19 outbrake in 2020 and the ongoing fight against the pandemic. The pressure of work, relationships and homesickness is increasing, thus more people are struggling with stress. The more the pressure increases the worse increases the situation of mental strain, anxiety and depression. Proper, meaning positive stress makes us feel energetic in life and work, and helps our body respond to emergencies...

Addressing the Different Types of Stress Common to Shanghai Expats

Stress, Time and Self-Management Most people associate “stress” with “too much”…too much to do and the heart-pumping sensation of pressure and deadlines. But “too little” can leave us mentally stressed as well. Small or large changes can also cause stress. We don’t always recognize the symptoms of this kind of stress, or take them seriously. When we don’t have extreme pressure but are suffering from the stress of “too little” we...