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Imposter Phenomenon:Facing Fears of Inadequacy and Self-Doubt Part II

Last time we introduced, impostor syndrome, today let's talk about the cause, conquering impostor feelings and how we deal with it. Causes The initial causes of IP often come at a young age. And it often has to do with relationships with primary caregivers and important adults in our lives. A parenting style that is highly achievement-oriented and highly critical. This pattern is a setup for being high-achieving and driven but also...

Facing Fears of Inadequacy and Self-Doubt Part I

Introduction - What is the imposter phenomenon?Have you ever felt fearful about making a mistake or anxious about being seen as incompetent in your roles? You may be experiencing Impostor Phenomenon (IP) if you: are constantly experiencing intense feelings thinking that your achievements are undeserved attribute success to external factors unrelated to the ability experience subsequent procrastination and self-sabotaging.  The clinical symptoms frequently reported are: generalized anxiety, lack of self-confidence, depression, and frustration. These...