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Fertility Support with IVF and Acupuncture

In modern life, fertility has decreased due to significant changes in lifestyle and environment. Accordingly, infertility as a specialty has been established to solve more reproductive diseases and genetic problems. With this development, there are more technologies and medical treatments to help solve the corresponding problems. What is IVF? IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a technique to help infertility or related genetic problems. It is a complex series of procedures to assist...

Fertility Problems and Getting Pregnant: Natural Solutions with TCM

When facing difficulties getting pregnant, couples can look for help in the Western medical field. However, after having tried almost everything or simply because they want a more natural solution, they can also find help with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM can help a couple – by treating the woman and/or man – raise their chances of conceiving a baby by a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbal decoctions and the...