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Exhausted? Fighting Fatigue

Fatigue (or chronic fatigue) goes beyond light tiredness or sleepiness. People who are sleepy simply want to sleep. They feel it in the heaviness of their head; they cannot keep their eyes open or head up. After having had a good night’s sleep, they generally feel better.   Fatigue, however, can be felt in the whole body. Sufferers complain of low energy levels, muscle aches, pain, discomfort, and poor concentration. They feel...

How the Modern Diet Isn’t Feeding Our Bodies (and What We Can Do About It)

To read Part 1 and understand how carbohydrates can influence your health, click here   The Difference between “Good Carbs” and Refined Carbs Non-refined carbs include oat, millet, brown and red rice, spelt, buckwheat and any other whole grains that have not been refined, as well as fruits and vegetables and “old breads” (made of whole grains such as whole rye). These carbs bring in micronutrients and fiber, so the body is getting...