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Natural Solutions for Allergy Sufferers in This Outbreak Season

“I have a cough and running nose lately, does it mean I am infected by the new coronavirus Covid-19?” At this moment of winter to spring transition, we are facing allergy season along with a high incidence of influenza and the new type of coronavirus outbreak across the country, which is inevitably causing anxiety and fear among the general public. What are the symptoms of the new coronavirus Covid-19? According to the...

How TCM help manage your stress and stay healthy?

As we are facing the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak recently, people are living under travel restriction, suggested to work from home, and stay away from crowds. Both, employees and employers are stressed about the new regulations. Besides that, in this tough period Shanghai expats face many sorts of pressure, managing people and goals at work. It’s easy to see why many of us feel stressed. What is Stress? Western medicine describes stress as...