Shi Hong

Senior TCM Doctor
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Dr. Shi graduated from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1985. She has learned from and been trained by Shao Changrong, one of the most prominent TCM doctors in China. In 2000, she was awarded Inheritor of the Most Distinguished Traditional Chinese Specialists, the most prestigious title in TCM. In addition, she supported famous TCM doctor Wang Qiaochu, engaging in clinical treatment and scientific research of insomnia therapy for nearly a decade. She is also a registered psychological consultant.

She excels in treating respiratory diseases like upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis and chronic emphysema as well as cardiac cerebral and vascular diseases, digestive system diseases, insomnia, etc.

Doctor Type
TCM Doctor
Acupuncture, Kid's Health, TCM & Internal Medicine
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Century Park Clinic
Attendance Time
Wednesday, Friday: 9:00 ~ 18:00