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Top Articles of 2017

Didn’t get the chance to read the top articles from Body & Soul this past year? Don’t miss out--kick off your 2018 with some of our best health and wellness tips! You can click on the links below for the six most most popular articles from our multidisciplinary team of therapists.

Keeping Your Skin Healthy This Winter

Skin is a vital protective organ, especially as weather gets colder. Outdoors, our skin shields us from the cold, rain, wind, and pollution. Indoors, it shields us from the warm, dry air conditioning and hot water. We expose ourselves to extreme temperature differences during the wintertime, which dries out our skin. As a result, the skin feels irritated and itchy. However, dry skin can be more than a cosmetic or comfort problem. Dry skin becomes a medical issue when it splits, bleeds and doesn’t heal.