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Conversations with Doris: How We Can All Benefit from Ancient Chinese Wisdom

The Best of Both Worlds: Bringing the Knowledge of TCM to Improving Health Today. The first Body & Soul location opened in 2004. So, how did an expat from Germany with a background in IT sales come to run one of the most successful healthcare organizations in Shanghai? How did Doris Rathgeber come to understand the Eastern approach to mind and body? And, what has she learned that might help...

A Surprising Source of Your Pain

Do you have scars from past surgeries? Whether a surgery done with a scalpel leaving a scar along the incision or a tiny hole from arthroscopic surgery, there’s more to a scar than meets the eye. Soft tissue is damaged (cut) in such cases, which forms adhesions (scar tissue). Though you may only see a small scar on the surface, the damage can affect layers of tissues beneath, including the fascia.

Meet the Doctor: Joe Teh, TCM, Acupuncture & Tuina Massage

Joe specializes in treating internal medicine disorders as well as respiratory tract and genitourinary system diseases. Apprenticing with several TCM masters, he has acquired vast experience and helped many patients recover from allergies, digestive problems, sleeping disorders, headaches, anxiety, and other common health conditions. He combines herbal medicines together with acupuncture and tuina massage for treatment tailored to the patient’s condition.

Meet the Therapist: John Zhong, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Specialized in sports medicine and athletic training, John excels at injury prevention and rehabilitation. He provides customized treatments for acute injuries, pain and chronic musculoskeletal problems. John assists patients with fitness and nutrition goals and designs training to enhance performance and physical conditioning. Tell us a bit about your professional background. My background is in sports medicine, athletic therapy, training and rehabilitation. I’ve worked extensively with sports teams and at clinics providing...

Meet the Doctor: Marla Sulindro, TCM & Acupuncture

Marla Sulindro earned her master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Shanghai University for Traditional Chinese Medicine, with a major in osteopathology and traumatology. Prior to that, she received her bachelor’s in acupuncture and tuina from Chengdu University of TCM. Marla specializes in pain management, musculoskeletal disorders and internal medicine. She uses an array of TCM treatments including herbal medicines, acupuncture, gua sha and cupping to help patients. Where are you...