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Worry-Free Medical Consultation

According to the city's control office, and the updated COVID-19 prevention announcement they made on Monday, December 12, most public areas will no longer be required to present health codes or scan venue codes, except for special places which include elderly institutions, welfare facilities, medical institutions, and schools. With this in mind, and as Body & Soul Medical Clinics is a Traditional Chinese Medical Outpatient Clinic, here are our updated measures:

What we are doing

All our doctors are fully protected as required. If any of our doctors or staff receives a positive test result, they are required to immediately quarantine at home for the duration needed until no transmission can occur. Please visit us with confidence.

What we ask patients to help us with

We are able to only accept patients who do not have a fever.
Please kindly keep cooperating with the epidemiological survey. All clinic visitors are required to present negative (green) test results taken within 48 hours of the visit.
For severe and critical patients, we highly recommend that go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

What we can do to help you during this time

The World Health Organization (WHO) affirmed the effectiveness and safety of traditional Chinese medicine in treating COVID-19 at an expert assessment meeting.
TCM treatment is mainly used for treating those who are asymptomatic and those with mild symptoms (especially sore throat, cough, and fatigue caused by COVID-19.)
Studies have shown that traditional Chinese medicine inhibits the virus from invading the systems and replicating itself.
For asymptomatic and mild cases, if you have any concerns (like how to take medicine at home) please feel free to contact us. Our doctors will be happy to answer your many questions virtually.

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