Top Articles of 2017

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Top Articles of 2017

Didn’t get the chance to read the top articles from Body & Soul this past year? Don’t miss out--kick off your 2018 with some of our best health and wellness tips! You can click on the links below for the six most most popular articles from our multidisciplinary team of therapists.

TCM Focus: Tuina Massage

Learn more about this form of massage and its TCM history, which goes beyond simple relaxation to address specific health issues. Tuina addresses everything from chronic pain to gynecological issues; find out how it could help you.


Cultural Adjustment and Repatriation

Our holistic psychologist shares practical tips for adjusting to new cultures, even if it's readjusting to your own!


Keeping Your Skin Healthy This Winter

Dry, dull skin often comes with the winter weather. Get simple tips for keeping skin healthy and beautiful.


The Text Neck Epidemic

When you're neck's bent forward, the pressure can be as if an eight-year-old child was sitting on your neck. If you spend a couple hours on your phone, that could equal 1,000 hours of extra pressure on your neck. No wonder so many people have neck and related pain. Learn about treatment and prevention.