How Reiki and sound healing can help with grieving and depression

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How Reiki and sound healing can help with grieving and depression

Life is a journey as some spiritual teachers say and sometimes tragedy happens and some of us have the tendency to avoid feeling pain, going to great lengths to suppress those feelings of intense sadness.

But when we allow the grief to unfold is when we begin to heal those wounds. Going through pain is necessary to come to terms with the loss. Hence, we can say grieving is a process where one deals with loss through an emotional process.

On the other hand, depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest and most of the time it affects the person’s daily functioning.

While grief and depression are different experiences, both share similar symptoms, in fact, grieving can trigger depression and make the person feel intense sadness and pain. When grieving according to the Kübler-Ross model, there are five common stages of grief referred to as DABDA. They include:

Both can affect us emotionally and physically. Going from insomnia and intense sorrow to losing our appetite and therefore losing weight. Some people experience hair loss and some others develop different kinds of physical conditions.

Something that is paramount to start the healing process is to honor the emotions we are going through, by holding space for the person in need to be with these emotions, we allow them to flow without getting stuck in the body. Reiki and Sound have the power to help bring to the surface those emotions that may need to be legitimized and released.

As humans, we are made up of energy. When the energy channels of the body are blocked or disturbed, the result can be illness, weakness, and pain. Reiki and Sound Healing with different types of instruments, including the voice, can bring balance and strengthen the flow of energy within the body, which may decrease pain, ease muscle tension, improve sleep, and generally enhance the body’s ability to heal itself.

Both in the form of energy flow and vibrations activate or magnify a person’s natural healing processes. These loving tools provide us with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits by balancing our energy.

This is a space to release and reconnect with your heart. During the time of the Reiki or Sound session, there’s no need to talk or think, this is just about feeling and receiving. Your body will be replenished by new, clean and blissful energy from the Universe that can harmonize your body, thoughts, and emotions so that you can let go of the weight, feel lighter, clearer, and move forward at your own pace in a healthier way.

Under no circumstances are these tools a replacement for any pre-existing treatment, but on the contrary, they are a good complement and a healthy alternative to treat these experiences from a more holistic point of view.

I believe and had experienced as well Reiki and Sound as wonderful tools to create coherence and harmony in our bodies and energy field!

Gabriel Salazar is a Reiki Master specialized in energy cleansing, chakra harmonization, rebirth and empowering rituals amongst others. Click here to make a Reiki consultation appointment with Gabriel Salazar.

Body & Soul is collaborating with Soul Well center where we will be offering special sessions with Reiki and Sound twice a month. Feel free to reach out to find out more information in relation to this.

Gabriel Salazar
Gabriel Salazar
Holistic Healer

Originally from Colombia, where he became a lawyer by profession and as of 2009, a Reiki Therapist by passion, Gabriel has worked with two Reiki Masters who taught him the confidence and wisdom to skillfully learn this technique.