Effective TCM Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

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Effective TCM Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Occasional Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is quite common. Frequent ED can affect quality of life and can be a sign of health problems that need treatment. It has been estimated that the prevalence of ED worldwide will be 322 million cases by 2025. ED currently affects approximately:

  • 12 percent of men younger than 60
  • 22 percent of men in their 60s
  • 30 percent of men 70 or older

There are many factors that can cause ED, from stress to internal medical problems and effects of medications, alcohol, surgery or injury. Age is a factor, as it also is in many of the contributing diseases. ED can be caused by one factor or several. A medical professional should take a complete health history and do a comprehensive evaluation to determine what might be contributing to the issue.

TCM Treatment Options for ED

Some of the current treatments for Erectile Dysfunction are not effective in all cases or have side effects. Fortunately, TCM offers highly effective natural treatments for ED. Acupuncture in increasingly being used throughout the world as an ED treatment with much success.


Skilled acupuncture done on the right set of points for the patient’s condition restores the body to a healthy, balanced state and thus relieves ED. In particular, TCM masters right here in Shanghai have done extensive work on treating ED and developed specific acupuncture protocols with excellent results. One study in Shanghai resulted in a cure rate of almost 90% with acupuncture alone. Western medicine might explain acupuncture as stimulating the nerves and increasing blood flow. Acupuncture also has great promise for resolving related genitourinary conditions such as prostate inflammation.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines can help regulate the yin and yang, to put the body back into balance. ED is seen as a deficiency of yang. Yang is associated with energy, activity and fire. It’s considered a male energy. The TCM practitioner will prescribe an herbal decoction to help strengthen the yang and correct the imbalances.

For those suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, TCM offers a natural alternative to improve their underlying health and resolve ED safely and effectively.

Joe Teh Liam spent three years apprenticing with a local TCM master who specializes in acupuncture treatment for genitourinary system disease, including EDJoe offers TCM evaluation and treatment, including herbal medicine and acupuncture, at the Downtown (Xintiandi) and Hongmei Road (Minhang) clinics. Click here to make an appointment with him.