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Body & Soul  >  Articles posted by Robin Wang

Rehabilitation of ankle sprain 踝关节扭伤的康复治疗

Now that we are getting out more, we have more movement-related challenges. Our ankles support us every day.   Here is how to support them when they need it most. 你的脚踝是否经常扭伤,特别是不经意间的运动,脚踝扭伤每个人几乎都有过,如果不引起重视,会引起慢性的踝关节的不稳,甚至损伤到软骨 Ankles often sprain, especially for those participating in sports. Ankle sprains are common for many. If not paid attention to, they will cause chronic ankle joint instability, and even damage to the cartilage. Damaged cartilage can lead to increased pain, lack of...

How to Solve the Problem of Uneven Shoulders

Commonly, uneven shoulders (or high and low shoulders) are may be higher or lower on one side, which affects the appearance. They are also called oblique shoulders. Cause of Uneven Shoulders Congenital (inherited): Spinal dysplasia, scoliosis. Acquired: bad posture, resulting in rhomboid muscle/ trapezius muscle strength imbalance. This is basically excessive force on one side. Most people have high and low shoulders because of bad habits. Most times this is seen in office workers...