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Body & Soul  >  Articles posted by John Zhong

Small Gym, Home Office

Let’s make moves together! 让我们动起来 First, let’s check our posture before reading further… 首先,阅读前让我们先确认一下您的姿势 3 2 1 Are you in this position? 是这样的? Or this? 这样的? Or even this? 还是这样的? Now, let’s take a deep breath and then restore our posture according to the following picture: 现在,让我们深吸一口气,然后把姿势调整到如下图所示 A lot of people have to stay at home under the current situation. Gyms are closed and outdoor group sport activities are mostly cancelled. We start to move less and become more sedentary at home....

Knee Pain: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Knee pain is a common complaint that may arise from injury (trauma/acute injury or old injuries), wear and tear, arthritis, or mechanical problems. Knee pain is on the rise with people’s changing lifestyles.  Prolonged office hours and immobility cause increased wear and tear on the joints, including the knee. Additionally, sitting leads to weak muscles, which means the body can’t function as intended. Some patients also come in with pain...